Weingut Graf

Philip Lardot

der Graf Riesling

second time trying this vintage. after being able to brace myself for that signature lardot acidity, which verges on violent, i came to enjoy this a lot more. herbal stuff starts jumping out after about 45 min or so. texturally very exciting as well. miles away from classic but that's the real beauty here. — 22 days ago

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Wait Cellars

Devoto Garden Vineyard Pinot Noir 2012


Good balanced new world Pinot with the cherry fruity notes and lively texture, bit of that medicinal menthol hint too. Didn’t go over well for M Graf. — 4 years ago

Alfred Graf


Lovely. Sweet. Light. — 4 years ago

Weingut Graf Adelmann

Vignette Brüssele Lemberger Blend 2011

Muskattrollinger, geiles Zeug, kommt noch enorm frisch daher, sollte man öfter trinken — 3 years ago

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Sepp und Maria Muster

Graf Sauvignon

Sulfur, tart fruit, sneaky pine. Lovely stuff — 4 years ago


Chiassobuio Sangiovese Blend

Another excellent Steven Graf/Fifi selection… organic yet clean and classic. Bright dark fruits and nicely balanced tannins and a spicy finish. Paired tonight with wild boar ragu. Stop the madness. — 2 years ago

Domaine Arnoux Père et Fils

Les Confrelins Chorey Les Beaune Pinot Noir 2003


Opened 8/30/20 Graf visit. Beautiful floral and autumnal forest nose. Earthy balanced lively texture. Long finish. Elegance. — 4 years ago

Weingut Graf von Kanitz

Lorch Kapellenberg Spätburgunder 2015

4 years old, lots of petroleum. Sweetness and big body. — 4 years ago