Vinho Verde, Minho


Vinho Verde White Blend 2017

Pale color with a bit of a green hue. Big lime aromas and flavors with notes of white peaches and flowers. Hint of effervescence. Light and refreshing. Awesome value! — 9 days ago

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Sogrape Vinhos

Nobilis Vinho Verde White Blend

Goes excellent with a spicy dish (Jerk Chicken!) on a warm day. Good value. — 23 days ago


Vinho Verde White Blend

Lite with slight fizz, perfect with spicy dishes and for a hot summer day. — 5 days ago


Vinho Verde Rosé Blend

Rating long after the fact. I remember it was slightly effervescent and I liked it... — a month ago

Quintas do Homem, Lda

Vale do Homem Branco

Smells of ripe peach orchards

A lovely flavor profile of peaches, pepper, honeyed cashew, apricot Close to the pit. The minerality pushes its way from beginning to end, then past that.
A delicious Vinho Verde, with unique flavor, personality, and one that I need to return to. Excuse me.
— 18 days ago

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Adega do Salvador

Portal da Calçada Reserva Vinho Verde 2018

So worth it. Good value - tastes yum. Smells like pears looking over the ocean. Like the outside. So fresh and bright. Lightly effervescent, hint of green. — 13 days ago


Escolha Vinho Verde Loureiro Blend

Enjoyable, slightly tart white. DW quarantine pack — 4 days ago


Vinho Verde Rosé Blend

Fizzy green apples, lemons, and melon. So drinkable and fun. For 4,99 USD you can't go wrong with this low alcohol, lightly sweet option for hot summer days. — 3 days ago

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Vinho Verde White Blend

Really light, almost sparkling, fruity but also dry. Our favorite white. And amazing price! — 3 days ago

Casal Garcia

Casal Garcia Vinho Verde

"It's like Sprite" says Chris "in a good way".
Easy, refreshing, simple, to the point.
Always a favorite on a hot summer night.
Like a grown-up wine cooler of my youth.
— 16 days ago