Texas Hill Country, Texas

Perissos Vineyard and Winery

Tempranillo 2016

Smoother than most Tempranillos! Enjoyed it! — a month ago

Grape Creek Vineyards

Grape Creek Grand Rouge Sangiovese Blend 2018

Semi sweet red... aerating not needed. — 2 months ago

Southold Farm + Cellar

Don't Forget to Soar White Blend 2017

The best producer in Texas right now - period (and excellent on any stage - read Eric Asimov’s writeup in the NYT). Simple and thoughtful. For a Texas Hill Country porch.

Don’t Forget to Soar is pulpy guava papaya peach nectar. Like a Ceres boxed juice trying to tell you something.
— 3 months ago

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Joe Weinberger

Joe Weinberger

Texas 👍🏻
Ely Cohn

Ely Cohn

Attaboy @Joe Weinberger Did not love Crowson though which is the other Texas natural wine getting some attention. Have you tried?
Joe Weinberger

Joe Weinberger

I haven’t tried Crowson yet, but I’ve wanted to. The only other natural Texas producers I’ve tried besides Southold are La Cruz de Comal and Saint Tryphon

Southold Farm + Cellar

Basics of Life Mataro Dolcetto 2017

Regan Meador uprooted his Long Island operation and moved it to Texas after permit battles over a tasting room. The second chapter would focus on grapes grown best in the Texas Hill Country. In this instance, Mataro and Dolcetto. This is an important turning point for Texas wine - not on the wave of sweet jammy reds or unremarkable rose’. Relying instead on place and time.

If gamay would ripen a bit, it would be this blend. It has a crimson brick color and piney red berries. 100% stem inclusion. The Dolcetto gives a dark dried fruit flavor profile. Raisins and dried bing cherries. And fresh salty minerals.
— 5 months ago

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Amici Cellars

Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

Well, after suffering through two weeks of soul-crushing illness I’m finally out of the forest of disease and am now in the sun-soaked fields of health & wellness...which in this case is the Texas Hill Country. Feels good to finally be back drinking wine, eating good food, and enjoying some travel. — 10 days ago

Krystal Vento
with Krystal
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Ryan Vento

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Thanks, guys!

@Severn Goodwin Indeed; the heat wave is in the process of subsiding, thankfully. I’ve about had enough of the wretched heat.
Sharon B

Sharon B

Glad you’re feeling better! The setting would definitely make me feel better
Ryan Vento

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Thanks @Sharon B 🙌🏻

Spicewood Vineyards

The Good Guy Red Blend 2014

Black cherry & tart berry. A little roasted poblano pepper (maybe a little green peppery but not terribly). Some Bordeaux like tertiary stuff like chocolate and a hint of tobacco. Unique stuff outta Texas. — 4 months ago

Becker Vineyards

Raven Texas Hill Country Malbec Petit Verdot 2015


Absolutely delicious. Rich deep flavor, great finish. — 5 months ago

Spicewood Vineyards

Tenny Wren Red Blend 2016

Beautiful bold red wine — 2 months ago

William Chris Vineyards

Texas HIgh Plains Grenache Rosé 2013

Handed a glass of this as we walked up to the welcome center. Perfect refreshment on a hot Hill Country weekend! The staff at William Chris are so nice and hospitable. But what do you expect in Texas! The wine is dry with notes of strawberry and a hint of raspberry. Loved it and brought several home to enjoy till we can make another trip back. — 2 months ago

jennfer l gomez
with jennfer

Kuhlman Cellars

Estate Grown Texas Hill Country Roussanne 2018

Shay A

I agree with @Mark Flesher in how this will hold, and improve, for quite a while, which is so impressive for TX fruit! This wine is more savory and herbal than most other white wines. In fact, the aromatics here remind me of some blonde or wheat beers. Hay/grassy/wheaty note with herbs and crushed limestone. Acidic backbone. Grilled lemon, more crushed rock/mineral, and additional hay/straw. Another impressive TX wine from Kuhlman. — 5 months ago

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Bill Bender

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Hey why don’t you and @Mark Flesher and @Shawn R start your own off line (from Delectable) blog on Texas wine and leave us with the other 49 states and @Shay A you can continue to post Maryland Albariño 🤠🐮🐴🌪🌵⭐️🏈⛽️ 🎚🍷
Shay A

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@Bill Bender : 😂 I’ll have you be our guest poster