Târnave, Transylvania

Cramele Recaş

Recas DOC Pinot Grigio

Enjoyed this. Especially for $8/bottle. Very mild. Hubby says it has a chlorine note which was off putting for him. I get chlorine on the palette but hey, that just tastes like summer to me. Doesn’t have the acidity like most Pinot grigios. Closer to a Cali pinot Grigio than an Italian. — a month ago

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Cramele Recaş

Solo Quinta White Blend

Currently my favorite wine. Not having headaches after drinking it — a year ago

Liliac & Kracher

Transylvania Ice Wine Neuburger Pinot Gris 2016

Paired w/vanilla & brown sugar marbled cake, served w/house sweet cream — 2 years ago

Weingut Edgar Brutler

Grünspitz White Blend

Drinks like a nice, dry Riesling. 12% alcohol. Faint pineapple and flowers, especially on the finish. — 10 months ago

Cramele Recaş

Sole Barrique Chardonnay 2021

Surprisingly complex & well crafted. Very nice Chardonnay for those who like them oaky like me. — 2 years ago

Weingut Edgar Brutler

Sefu Pinot Noir - Syrah Blend

beautiful light pinot noir served chilled, rich in tannins with some slight minerality. notes of cherry and some raspberry. i did an unconventenIal pairing with east coast oysters from MA and loved it — 6 months ago

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The Dark Count of Transylvania Cabernet Sauvignon Fetească Neagră

A good cab sauv with an easy dark red fruit flavor, not too dry — a year ago

Domaine Ostertag

Vieilles Vignes Sylvaner 2019

An initial note of honeycomb which blew off. Not a variety I’ve had much but I must say this is intriguing with an interesting story. Originally from Transylvania, hence the name. Sylvaner had been originally planted as up to a third of the plantings in Alsace but now only 6%. declining in favour of Pinot Noir and Riesling. Ostertag’s Sylvaner vines have an average age of 55 years and have been farmed with biodynamic methods since 1998. The age of the vine brings a complex mineral wine with great depth of flavour which had the reputation of being quite dilute. Fermented naturally in Stainless steel and kept on lees for one year. Andre Ostertag, the owner, says Sylvaner is a cornerstone of Alsatian food and wine culture. I found the wine to be a hypothetical cross between Riesling, Chardonnay and Semillon. I loved it. — 2 years ago

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