South Eastern, Moldova


Rosu de Purcari 2015

plum, blackberry, black cherry, chocolate, light herbs, a little pencil lead.

— 6 days ago

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Negru de Purcari

White wine made over the black sea? Actually really good, I drank at room temperature. It would do better at 55 to 62 F. This wine makes me wonder if there are good whites from other regions like sochi and russia..who knows. I paid 15 bucks from a local store. Great buy. — 25 days ago

Jacob's Creek/Orlando

Classic Pinot Grigio 2019

Really good. A little sweet, but not as sweet as moscato. Tanginess came through from tropical fruits. — 11 days ago

Yellow Tail (Casella Wines)

Pinot Grigio

Пили на триденній тусі у мене. Досить солодке, аое не занадто. Мала на наступний день перепитала чи воно ще лишилось - як на мене хороший показник) — 20 days ago

Rothbury Estate

Black Label Sémillon 1979

The label is barely there, but i bought in the James Halliday's collection auction as a Wood Matured Black label 1979.
At this stage I opened a few of these old semillon and I am honestly loving them even though i realise that not everyone would.
Once they get to room temperature the magic happens.
This is complex and fairly fresh, not gone at all.
I smell almond, bruised apples, nutmeg, ginger, turmeric, lanolin, coriander. Autumn forest floor and boiled chestnuts. Nougat and marzipan. Peppermint.
It's very long. It's an experience. It talks its own language. I don't think there is anything like it anywhere else. 41yo, nearly my age, but much more interesting than me.
— 6 days ago

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Ceccherini Cristiano

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Thank you @Ron R that was a quick reply☺

Yellow Tail (Casella Wines)

Sparkling Rosé

Love this bubbles! Bought it in October 2020 at Scotts Head bottleo. To celebrate keeping my job. — 8 days ago

Yellow Tail (Casella Wines)


Very smooth, really like this one, not too fruity — 8 days ago

19 Crimes

Sauvignon Block 2019

Wanted to post some “creepy” wines with fun cheese for the Halloween season this year. This Sauv “Block” is very mild compared to others. It’s more like a Chardonnay to me. Buttery, pear, sweet fruit, very low tannins, no acidity. But the cheese! Wow. Strong white aged cheddar. The wine balances well with a bit of cheese first. 🦇🧀🥂 — 4 days ago

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So cool! I want to try both now 🦇
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Great pic!


Spooktacular review!🦇 Fun to see what you are pairing with your wines.🍷

19 Crimes

Hard Chard Chardonnay

This was definitely aged in whiskey barrels. Nice to have with a meal or just kicking back and relaxing. I had my third bottle tonight so thought I would update my post from several months ago. — a month ago

Yellow Tail (Casella Wines)

Pinot Noir

Yellow tail better than barefoot — 2 days ago

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