Smallfry Wines

Smallfry Wines

Barossa Riesling 2018


Went well with Asian rich spiced foods. Smooth, sweet, south Australian. Hard to find wine possibly — 5 days ago

Smallfry Wines

Edna Valley Rosé Cinsault Grenache 2016

Favourite rose ever. Perfect balance of flavour and dry. Beautiful orange colour. — 4 years ago

Smallfry Wines

Barossa Joven Tempranillo Garnacha 2015

Light and spicy, a surprising biodynamic find. — 5 years ago

Smallfry Wines

Starry Starry Night Cinsault

One of my favorite naturals to date. Like adult cranberry juice— but not too sweet. — 2 months ago

Smallfry Wines

Pimpernel Barossa Trousseau 2018

Introducing the last wine of the night. Picture perfectly potrays how it went down. Drank out of plastic cups, and had with Hokkien mi and stir-fried pork liver. No notes taken, but I remember it to be quite an excellent pairing and a pretty soupy wine. — 2 years ago

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David L

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Looks like a great time! Sounds like you might be paying for it today? Cheers to you all.

Smallfry Wines

Schliebs Garden Barossa Valley Grenache 2012

Grenache, very pretty wine, med bodied Grenache goodness — 6 years ago

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Smallfry Wines

Stella Luna Barossa Cinsault Blend 2019

Fruity red with a nice funk. Great with lamb — 8 months ago

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Shobbrook Wines

Barossa Valley Cinsault 2016

Louis Schofield

Pure and dense at 11.1% BD fruit from the Smallfry vineyard. Didi does it again. — 4 years ago

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Smallfry Wines

Barossa Valley 2013

Funky, acrid smell, bit of gasoline aftertaste. Good round blackberry feel. Would love another bottle. — 6 years ago