Sidra El Gobernador

Alma de Trabanco

Vermut en Rama con Sidra Natural

Cider-based, rested in chestnut casks. Milk chocolate, pear cider, green olive. Funky — 4 days ago

Sidra Trabanco

Sidra Natural Cider

Classical Asturias cider — 2 years ago

Guzman Riestra

Sidra Natural

Lemon curd, sourdough, apricots. — 3 years ago

DaTerra Viticultores

Camino de la Frontera Blanco 2019

Very interesting skin contact wine with the lactic/acetic acid and funk of a sidra or sour beer. But tons of minerality and a tasty sour fruitiness gives this unique personality too. Well done natural wine. — 8 months ago

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Sidra de Hielo, like Eiswein made from frozen apples — 2 years ago

Sidra Angelon

Prau Monga Sidra de Asturias Apple Cider

Delicious sparkling Asturian cider. Has the typical earthiness but the bubbles keep it crisp and refreshing. — 3 years ago


Sagardoa Sidra Natural

Beautiful cider. Dry. Slight delightful funk. — 9 months ago

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Blackduck Cidery

Dry Perry 2019

One of the best. Sidra-style perry made in NY, but not faddish at all. John Reynolds, one of my favorite iconoclastic wine/cider-makers, has been doing it this way for decades. Micro production. Loads of VA but flat out delicious; vibrant, textured, rich and soulful. Do yourself a favor and find some of this if you like natural wine. I’d argue this kills almost any high-VA natural wine. Why? There’s a historical precedent for the style, the flavor profile makes sense, it’s clean and well-made. Great stuff. — 2 years ago

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Erik Longabardi

Erik Longabardi

I’ve had non VA Perry John made; it’s truly revelatory
Josh Morgenthau

Josh Morgenthau Influencer Badge

@Erik Longabardi Yes, some batches are less sidra style, all really amazing. Just had some sparkling paw paw wine he gave me that blew my mind.
Erik Longabardi

Erik Longabardi

@Josh M Ive ha the cleaner ones and they are truly beautiful. Heard the paw paw one was good too!

Peter Brum

Rheinhessen Liebfraumilch Riesling Blend 2016

Me gusta mucho la variedad de uva Riesling. Aparte tiene un porcentaje de Müller-Thurgau cultivada por el doctor Müller cruzando la Riesling con Silver para que creciera más pronto. Excelente para la ocasión porque está dulce pero sin llegar a empalagar como la sidra. — 3 years ago