Saint Saphorin, Vaud

Pierre-Luc Leyvraz

St Saphorin Pinot-Gamay

Tasty. From a region I visited — 2 years ago

Alexandre Chappuis & Fils

Reserve Saint Saphorin Pinot Noir 2013

Swiss can do Pinot! Raspberries and vanilla. A little earthiness. — 4 years ago

Francey & Barbey

Larmes de Venus Doral Deux 2012

A rare dessert wine I brought back from Switzerland. A passerillé made from Doral (hybrid of Chasselas and Chardonnay). Unctuous on the front and middle but gossamer on the finish. Good balance of acidity/sweetness. Mandarin orange and peach nectar. Touch of bitter orange too. — 6 years ago

Louis Bovard

Salix Chenin St. Saphorin 2016

Color : White
Wine estate : Louis Bovard
Designation : Lavaux
Name : Salix - Chenin Blanc
Country : Switzerland
Vivino : 4.5/5
Note : Louis Bovard makes bio-dynamic culture and has introduced in the Lavaux new grape varieties such as Chenin Blanc. The name of Salix comes from the Latin word meaning the willow, with which one braided the branches to make baskets of vintage. A golden yellow straw robe with a nose of citrus, pineapple and mineral. Once in the mouth, the explosion of flavor with a nice acidity and a taste of citrus and apple. The final is excellent, it remains in the mouth and perfectly accompanied a fish.
Louis Bovard fait de la culture bio-dynamique et a introduit dans le Lavaux des nouveaux cépages comme ce Chenin Blanc. Le nom de Salix vient du terme latin signifiant le saule, avec lequel on tressait les branches pour faire des paniers de vendange. Une robe dorée jaune paille avec un nez d’agrumes, ananas et minéral. Une fois en bouche, l’explosion de saveur avec une belle acidité et un goût d’agrumes et de pomme. Le final est excellent, il reste bien en bouche et accompagné parfaitement un poisson.
👍🏻Vivino, FB : GabWine | IG : gabriel_dvl 🥂
— 2 years ago

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Luc Massy

Baillival Saint-Saphorin 2012

Delicious, subtle beauty in this Pinot Noir from Switzerland...thanks to our server at Terzo in SF, a great recommendation! — 6 years ago

Deb Payne
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Deb Payne

Deb Payne

Love this restaurant, and the severs even more! They know their wine and we have only experienced the best!


Donjannaz St. Saphorin Chasselas 2014

Light, fizzy and full of memories. Just like a vin vaudois should be. — 4 years ago

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Son Excellence

St. Saphorin Grand Cru Chasselas 2014

So great! Especially with lemon pasta — 4 years ago

Les Frères Dubois et Fils

Saint-Saphorin Dubois Chasselas

Jaime Godinez

Elegant, sexy, yet humble in its restaint. Floral, citrus leaves, ocean breeze. We enjoyed it with carnita tacos, and good company. — 8 years ago

Christopher & Sarah VandendriesscheIan CurrySteven Ventrello
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