Sárga Muskotály


Sárga Muskotály

Budapest. Abril 2019.
— 5 months ago

Kardos Winery

TündérMese Tokaji Furmint Sárga Muskotály 2013

Delicious late harvest Tokaji wine. sweet nectar, black tea, evergreen, and floral notes. — 5 years ago


Tokaji Sárga Muskotály 2012

Dry, mineral, nicely refreshing — 6 years ago


Móri Ottonel Muskotály 2017

Tried this at a wine tasting in Budapest & liked it so much, I brought a bottle home. Super easy drinking Hungarian muscat in the ottonel (Central European) style. It's still very much a typical moscato flavor profile, but one that's been dialed down a bit. Sweet, but not as cloyingly sweet as moscatos often are in the US. Lovely. Tasted like spring. Picnic friendly screwtop too. Not particularly sophisticated, I'll admit, but sometimes neither am I. — a year ago

Gold Line

Tokaji Sárga Muskotály

Really good one. — 6 years ago

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Tokaj Kereskedöház

Tokaji Sárga Muskotály

Tried it at Folklorama and loved it! — 7 years ago

Andrássy Pinceszet

Tokaji Sárgamuskotály 2006

Wow!! This is based on Muscat and it is phenomenal. Not your typical Tokaj. And they keep it in Hungary. Dry and sweet juxtaposed. White fruits abound... — 5 years ago

Vince Gergely

Sárgamuskotály Késői Szüretelésű 2013

My favourite dessert wine of all time! Can drink it like its juice. <3 — 6 years ago