Ryzlink Vlassky

Vinice Hnanice

Ryzlink vlassky 2011

Veltlinske zelene :-) — 6 months ago

Jakub Novak

Ryzlink Rynsky Riesling

Don’t usually drink white but this is nice! Crisp! — 2 years ago

Ryan lowry
with Ryan

Mikrosvín Mikulov

Zelezna Ryzlink Vlassky 2002

What a wine! This one has aged fabolously. Still full of flavour and with endless finish. Strong herbal notes. — 3 years ago


Ryzlink Rynsky Riesling 2015

Pretty amazing wine. It was great when I opened it with a lot of complex salty and mineral notes, but three days later it was even better! — 9 months ago

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Bettina Lobkowicz

Ryzlink Rýnský Selection 2014

Amazing trocken Riesling. Green apple and tart acid make this one dry white exceptional. Surprising value from a wine not imported to the USA. — 3 years ago

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Vinařství Volařík (Mikulov)

Pozdní Sběr Ryzlink Vlašský

Ivar M

Erg mooie wijn. Droge Riesling uit Tsjechië met een gebalanceerd palet en een zachte afdronk. — 4 years ago

Vinárstvo Magula

Oranžový vlk Ryzlink vlassky Blend 2017

Smells like a souvenir shop off La Rambla, spices, herbs, perfumed soap and incense; escapism more pure than a Stallone flick. Wonderful! Tannins and acid are in check, taste follow the nose, bit more soapy perhaps, bit more one-sided, but still more than just a nice thirst quencher. — a year ago


Welschriesling Ryzlink Vlašský Nové Vinařství

Fine wine for drinking in the evening as well as nicely paired with food. Quite dry for being "late harvest". Sugar: 1,3g/l, acid 6,2g/l.Moravia, mikulov sub area, Drnholec village, wine area Slunecny vrch. Quite nice wine, could possibly have a bit more characteristic taste. — 3 years ago