Rappahannock County, Northern Region

Tarara Winery

Charval 2013

I was surprisingly impressed by this solid showing from Virginia. Dry, medium-bodied white blend of Chard and Rkatsiteli rounded out with a bit of Sauv Blanc and Petit Manseng. Citrusy lemon zest and grapefruit take center stage with notes of gardenia, melon, and cedar on the nose with ripe apples showing up as the wine warms up a bit in my glass. On the palate more bright lemon and grapefruit in front of baked apples and oaky toast, and hints of rose water, almond oil, and ginger on a medium finish. With the strong citrus I figured this would be strictly drink-now; but with the clear oak notes and hints of bottle age I think it could actually cellar well for a few more years. — 10 days ago

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Breaux Vineyards

Virginia Meritage 2017

Solid with that classic Hillsboro taste — 2 years ago

RdV Vineyards

Rendezvous Red Bordeaux Blend 2009

Concentration!! The maturity and depth of fruit is sooo beautiful!! Hugely rich and refined..:a little short on integrated tannins (aging), but unmistakablely special:) — 3 months ago

RdV Vineyards

Lost Mountain Red Bordeaux Blend 2015

Classic RdV. Rich tannins. Event worthy. $150. — 14 days ago

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Ron from VA

Ron from VA

Nice! What did you pair it with? Did you receive this is an allocation or buy at the restaurant? $150 was allocation price....yet I know a few restaurants who are afraid to price VA wine much higher. Thx, inquiring minds want to know ;)

Walsh Family Wine

Loudoun County Viognier 2018

Gifted and delicious Virginia white. Apple taste and no alcohol on the nose. — a month ago

Wild Boar Cellars

Wild Boar Brut Rosé

Kelly loved this one! — 3 months ago

Kelly Fidler
with Kelly

North Gate Vineyard

Meritage Cabernet Sauvignon Blend 2011

Crazy how legit this 10yr old WET vintage blend is from the DeftHand of Mark Fedor. At his peak, Mark routinely had at least one wine in the governors case… so I f I Brown-bagged this and told you it was Rioja, you wouldn’t argue. The age has melded tannin (wood and fruit) and fruit acid to a cured state of Class. All of this from VINTAGE of limited ripeness. 51% CS, 30% Merlot.... I hope Mark re-emerges at a top-tier Celler so he he can make these wines again. Mark’s last vintage was the 2015 Meritage… The 16 season was finished by Nate since he bought Northgate — a month ago

Fabbioli Cellars


Nice and dry, fruit forward. One of my favs in NoVA!! — a month ago

RdV Vineyards

Red Bordeaux Blend 2018

Berry notes nicely balanced wine that really opens up when decanted and isn’t too heavy or too light — 2 months ago

Narmada Winery

Yash-Vir Red Blend 2010

Perhaps a touch on the down swing, this luxurious and sophisticated build still provided plenty of pleasure for a holiday special meal. Complex from quality fruit… The special 2010 vintage provided ripeness for the CabSauvignon and merlot components. Thoughtful oak exposure provided just enough framework and the inherent herb inlay... particularly from the PV. Former Governors cup case gold — 3 months ago