Quebec, Canada

Microbrasserie Le Corsaire

Tanaka Bière-Ale

A refreshing, unfiltered ginger wheat beer.

Real ginger root is used and you can tell by the flavour.

Suggested pairings: fish, seafood, the company of your mother in law.😂

•4.6%• April 8, 2021 🥡
— 6 days ago

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Sharon B

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Love Japan! Lived there for 2.5 years. They have very interesting drinks!
MaJ CappS

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Love ginger! Yum.
Steven Richardson

Steven Richardson

Love the bunnies!

Osoyoos Larose

Le Grand Vin Okanagan Valley Merlot Blend 2010

Perhaps slightly passed its prime but absolutely delicious. Dark stewed fruits, dominated by earthy tannic notes. — 5 days ago

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Cave Spring

Niagara Peninsula Pinot Gris 2019

Scott C

I am not normally the biggest fan of Pinot Gris but this is very good ! Such nice acidity , zesty . 12.5% alcohol . Long , very good !!! — 5 hours ago

Collective Arts Brewing

Ransack the Universe IPA

A sensational IPA- tropical fruits, mango and citrus.

Light malt body allows the hops to shine and finishes crisp not bitter.

•6.8% ABV• Match 19, 2021 🌞
— a month ago

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MaJ CappS

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Sounds delicious! 🍻Cheers!


The name is fun! Ransack the universe! Sounds like a superhero show!🦹‍♂️🦸‍♀️


Beezz De Fun Hydromel petillant Sparkling mead

Fizzy honey with virtually no sweetness. Lovely! — a month ago


Dark Red Cab Noir 2018

Enjoyed by all ages. Smooth, leaves the tongue wanting more. — 5 days ago

Adamo Estate Winery

Ontario Chardonnay 2018

The colour is a 24kGoldn.

This wine is a mood.

... okay I’ll stop.

It’s not the Foxcroft Wild Ferment... but it’s a gem. I can’t believe these grapes are grown 15 mins away from my house. Honeydew. Pear.
— 12 days ago

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The Foreign Affair Winery

Gran Q Cabernet Niagara Peninsula Sauvignon Blend

Yeah okay. It’s an absolute monster. Like a beast. Like... a moose. — 4 days ago

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Clos du Soleil

Signature Cabernet Sauvignon Blend 2015

This is a Really solid wine, especially for Canada. Great balance. Could compete with some californians ... — 4 days ago

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Niagara Peninsula VQA Cabernet Franc 2018

Opened this a few days ago and then caught it this evening, just before it fell off. Excellent Ontario table wine. Medium everything: held up to steak, didn't overpower chicken. — 7 days ago

Michael LeSage
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