Ontario, Canada

Pearl Morissette Estate Winery

Cuvée Black Ball Barrique Riesling 2013

Very nice. Unusual. More Chardonnay like than Riesling. Darker, richer, and a bit of caramel. But also some grassy or herbal notes. Only 11.5% al. Great balance. — 6 days ago

Creekside Estate Winery

Laura's Red Niagara Peninsula Cabernet Sauvignon Blend 2016

What a wonderful cab blend and extremely reasonably priced! Every time we visit the winery, the people there are delightful and add to our tasting experience! — 8 days ago

Burnt Ship Bay

Niagara Peninsula VQA Sauvignon Blanc 2018

Fruity pear taste with mineral taste and tart finish. (not overly tart, but definitely there).
paired with samosas, mildly spicy, brought out the fruit, but especially the mineral. During the meal, the wine lost character/ became smoother with the spicy food, I'm wondering if something richer and more buttery would've been better...
I enjoyed the wine, not my favorite but its tart finish was almost palate-cleansing , which was neat.
— 18 days ago

Hinterland Wine

L'Imparfait Passe-Tout-Grains Gamay Noir Blend 2018

Before it opens up, the wine has a provocative almost irony mouthfeel & flavour. As it settles, you can taste the Gamay grape dominating the blend. — 8 days ago

Gillian Koh
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Aria Nebbiolo 2007

When I say Niagara can do reds in a good year, this is the kind of thing I’m talking about. The nose is cherry and subtle chocolate and leather, while the palate follows with a surprisingly bright red fruit flavour and a small bit of stewed apples in tow. The finish lingers with that chocolate note and great tannin. What a wonderful bottle. What a treat. — 16 days ago

Ellen Chang-Richardson
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Tawse Winery

Tawse Pinot Noir 2014

Cracked open this Quarry Road Tawse Pinot last night. — 4 days ago

Heather Leatham
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Pelee Island Winery

Fox Trot Gamay Noir Zweigelt 2017

So nice with turkey! It’s fruity and light, with black pepper yumminess. Such a delightful wine for under $15! — 8 days ago


Village Craft Apple Cider 2007

Pas très petillant mais bon!! Un peu sûr selon Alex — 2 days ago

McMichael Collection

Group of Seven Niagara Penninsula Chardonnay 2016

Light and refreshing. A nice bit of crispness. Very smooth. Maybe pear and Granny Smith apple palette. Yes - buy again. — 6 days ago

Traynor Family Vineyard

Prince Edward County Pinot Noir

Love this wine. Not too acidic like a lot of PEC Pinot. Ripe strawberries and dried violets. Shorter finish than I’d like, but such a great natural Pinot! — 5 days ago