Vino Martville

Orbelian Ojaleshi 2018

Smoky and light red fruit — 22 days ago

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Oda Family Winery

Tsolikouri Ojaleshi 2019

Funky on the nose, fruit up front, pine and resin towards the back. Fun and relatively complex. — 3 months ago

GEO Wines

Ojaleshi Red Semi Sweet 2016

Delicious, smooth and more than semi sweet. — 3 years ago


Ojaleshi Red Dry 2018

Ripe fruit, pencil shavings and hints of oak on the nose. Ripe, bright fruit of blackberries, strawberries, hints of green pepper, medium tannins, and a sharp fruity follow through. — a month ago

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Vino Martville

Orbeluri Ojaleshi 2015

Глина, говняшки, красная смородина, клюква, можжевельник, порох. Мягко, сочно, со средним телом, органичной ягодной кислотностью и неброскими танинами. Естественно, питко и непринуждённо, без дряблости, с заметным, но не мешающим натуральным фанком. Немного бесхарактерно, но убедительно и симпатично. — 2 years ago

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Vino Martville

Ojaleshi 2019

Cherry, hibiscus, a bit of spritz. Banger of a Georgian rosé. — 2 months ago


Lechkumi Ojaleshi 2012

Light and easy to drink. Would be perfect for a spring afternoon — 3 years ago