Newton Johnson Family Vineyards

Newton Johnson Family Vineyards

Upper Hemel en Aarde Valley Chardonnay 2014

Well balanced buttery chardonnay, With elegant notea of citrus and elegant oakiness.
Superb South African Quality
— a day ago


Unfiltered Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

Incredible Napa Chardonnay I picked up for $22 on Last Bottle. Ripe peach, gala apple, apricot, lemon curd, tarragon, creme fresh, and tropical fruits. Very aromatic Chardonnay that strikes a nice balance of fruit and acidity on the pallet. Medium plus body, medium plus alcohol and medium plus acid. Worth every penny.
— 2 months ago

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Robert Johnson

Merlot 2010

Sooo gooood... I think it's my first merlot from Australia. And first wine from Robert Johnson. Ten years and a plum, a bit of blackcurrant, a lot of leather. And the magic "ingredient": a sage or similar herb. Short spicy finish, tannins are very soft. — 2 months ago

Foley Johnson

Estate Bottled Rutherford Meritage Blend

We both preferred the cab more — 3 days ago

Villa a Sesta

Il Palei Chianti Classico Sangiovese Blend 2016

Popped and poured; consumed over three days. Day 1 was super duper primary and “okay” but not all that interesting. Day 2 was better. Day 3? Now it had my attention. Dark cherry, Fig Newton™️, and conditioned leather. Dry. Medium tannins. Medium-plus acid. Versatile. I was on the fence with this...but I’ve come around. I dig it, but it needs time (or significant air). — 5 days ago

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Newton Johnson Family Vineyards

Pinot Noir 2018

Very expressive. Bright strawberry and some deeper earth notes. Palate is elegant, light-med bodied. Good length. Wild strawberry forever. — 2 months ago

Molino Real

Mountain Wine Málaga Moscatel 2016

Before phylloxera wiped out its vineyards, Málaga was considered one of Europe’s greatest wine regions and its legendary “mountain wines” were coveted throughout the world. In his memoirs, Hugh Johnson singled out an 1830s “mountain wine” bought at a Christie’s auction under the label Molino del Rey as the best wine he’d ever drank - and he’s had plenty. Taking its inspiration from Johnson’s account, Telmo Rodríguez’s Molino Real represents a groundbreaking effort to revive Málaga’s winemaking traditions and to explore the region’s potential for top quality sweet wines.

A “vino naturalmente dulce” or naturally sweet wine (not to be confused with Málaga’s also famous “vino dulce natural” a fortified style developed later in the 18th Century), Molino Real is made with Muscat of Alexandria grapes from 9 hectares of vines on steep slate slopes in Cómpeta in the Axarquía region. The grapes were sun dried - a process known as asoleo - to increase sugar concentration, fermented in 225-liter oak barrels and then aged for 20 months.

Sumptuous, exuberant nose. Flowers, orange blossom, and peach (actually peach yogurt). Balanced, not overwhelmingly sweet. Delicious!
— 2 months ago

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Unfiltered Napa Valley Chardonnay 2016

I don’t drink a lot of Chard, been to the winery, did the tour, love the unfiltered Chard. Haven’t had it in a while. Not as rich as I remember under the old label design. Still very good, very tasty, complex and sophisticated, while remaining approachable and real. Crystal clear, no sediment/lees. — 2 months ago

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Beauregard Vineyards

Un Pomme Par Jour Sparkling Blend 2016

Apple wine - Newton Pippin Apples, 90+ yr old trees 2.7 miles from the Pacific Ocean in Bonny Doon. 9% ABV

Last bottle :(

Me buying two of the same is rare, 6 bottles of same even rarer. Good job, Beauregard! When is the next vintage release?

— a month ago

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