Boxe'e Croxu Sardinia Monica Graciano

Good wine, violet, bit muddy but that’s ok sometimes — 12 days ago

Hubert Lamy

Cuvée du Paradis Saint-Aubin 1er Cru Pinot Noir 2014

fantastic nose floral aromatic violet leather cedar follows into strong body and excellent afterglow. well priced too. August with Andy and Monica at Tillson Lake (save it! dam it!) — 2 months ago


Sessanta Passi Pecorino 2018

Definitely going to take to Indonesia. With Gerald, Monica, Sandip. Similar to vino verde but will be great in hot weather — 3 months ago

Cantina Santa Maria La Palma

Le Bombarde Monica di Sardegna 2017

A nice, sturdy dark red wine. Bit earthy and it will do great with pasta e cinghale.
For now I'm drinking it on a terras in Sardegna ;)
— 5 months ago

Aleksander Estate Winery

Paso Robles Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

Elephante in Santa Monica w/Tastemade — 2 days ago


Perdera Monica di Sardegna

This wine made of Monica, a grape of Sardinia, tastes like a Rhône varietal. So awesome chilled and drunk with pizza. — 2 months ago

Jim Nelson
with Jim
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Henri Bourgeois

Les Baronnes Sancerre Pinot Noir Rosé 2018

For candidate to come to Indonesia. Good, all agree is a winner. Monica, Gerald, Sandip. — 3 months ago


Praja Monica

Love. Very drinkable, somewhere between a red wine and rose, great with some chill on it. Given by Lindsay Fordham. — 2 months ago

La Capranera

Aglianico 2017

K Helm

At Bella Monica, fresh, fruity, with lingering aftertaste. Would get again! — 3 months ago

Celler La Salada

Roig Boig Xarello Blend

Awesome Spanish pet-nat in Paris. — 3 months ago

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