Mamertino Di Milazzo, Messina

Planeta Winery

Mamertino Nero d'Avola Nocera 2016

Really nice representation of Sicilian wine. Reminiscent of Shiraz with fruity clean notes of raspberry and blackberry and low acidity. — 3 months ago


Esdra Mamertino Nero d'Avola 2010

Really nice drinkable wine - medium mouthfeel and dry, mild acidity — 5 years ago

Mimmo Paone

Mamertino Di Milazzo Nero d’Avola Nocera 2016

The ancient wine requested by Ceasar at his feasts, albiet not oxidized as his surely was. Other than the interesting history this wine has a very fragrant perfumed nose. On the palette bold ripe fruit balanced with complex notes such as coffee leather and cigar box. It has medium plus tannins and is a bit of a dry finish. Almost could be drank without food but not quite- it benefits from some food. @B&B Ortigia — 2 years ago


Riserva Mamertino Red Blend

It is not much on the nose but it is much better in the mouth. Nice tannins mix with tobacco and clay and red fruits that lingers nicely in your mouth. Overall a pretty nice drink. — 5 years ago