Katsunuma Jyozo

Aruga Branca Pipa Koshu

Medium body with some smooth texture, zesty citrus — 6 days ago

with Maggie

Kanbara Ancient treasure

l 时酿酒 (simplified) Yamahai Junmai Genshu Koshu

Joe Carroll

Wild oxidised sake that smells of mushrooms — 6 months ago

Manns Wines

Méthode Charmat Sec Koshu

Found another lovely Japanese Sparkling ~ — 3 years ago

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Grace Winery

Kayagatake Grace Koshu 2011


Surprising wine at Omakase in Kyoto. Nice fragrant floral nose though palate a bit thin and acidic with long finish. However paired so well with the dishes. — a month ago

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Katsunuma Jyozo

Katsunuma Koshu 2022

Super light like Verdicchio, slight peach and white flower — 3 months ago

Château Mercian

Gris de Gris Koshu 2017

Thank god, success for koshu. Amber, peach, geraniums, and the usual citrus nose. This really makes up for the lack of depth and body in non mac koshu. It's still a light wine but there's an evolution from orange peel, peach, and softer floral flavours into a more chalky citrus finish. Its pretty awesome. We'll done mercian. — 3 years ago

Enoki Shuzo Co.

Hanahato Kijoshu Aged 8 Years Koshu

Funky, savory, sweet, harmonious. A very madeira like sake but a creature unto its own. — 2 months ago

Grace Winery

Grace Koshu 2021

フルーティで美味しい。日本食にも合う — 2 months ago


Koshu 2016

— 3 years ago


Koshu 2018

81 21/12/2020 — 3 years ago

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