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Nogi Tane White 2018

Usually not a huge fan of Koshu grapes as they always seem very flat in terms of flavors, lack complexity, etc. Good for easy summer drinking outside when very chilled. But this had tons of energy and had a bit more of a tropical profile given the warmer location vs other vineyards. Great new domaine from the former winemaker at both Mercian and Katsunuma Jyozo (both top domaines in the Koshu region). — 6 days ago

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Adega D'Aruga

Aruga Clan Tinto Katsunuma Red Blend

We had the koshu white and this red. Both were light and delicious! — 5 months ago


Toriibira VIneyard Private Reserve Cuvée Misawa Koshu

日本ワインのグランクリュとして名高い甲州100%の鳥居平。後味の糖分が好みじゃない。 — 8 months ago

Kanbara Ancient treasure

l 时酿酒 (simplified) Yamahai Junmai Genshu Koshu

Close to perfection. The ultimate cheese wine is a sake! — 3 months ago

Coco Farm & Winery

Koshu F.O.S. 2017

Not so contacted after all — 4 months ago

Grace Winery

Toriibira Vineyard Grace Koshu

素晴らしい日照条件から日本のグラン・クリュとも呼ばれる鳥居平畑の甲州。グレイス 甲州鳥居平畑というネーミングで中央酒造からリリースされているもので非常にバランスが良い。 — 6 months ago

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Koshu Orange-Gris White Blend 2018


Japanese wine. Surprisingly good. At hoshinoya Tokyo — 4 months ago

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Katsunuma Jyozo

Aruga Branca 2015

— 4 months ago

Toriivilla Imamura

Cuvée Hideka Toriivilla Koshu 2015

日本ワインのグランクリュ鳥居平 甲州100%を辛口に仕上げたもの。それでもイマイチ好みじゃないかなぁ。 — 8 months ago

Chateau Mars

Koshu Verdinho 2017

— 8 months ago