Hanyu Brewery


Double Distilleries Ichiro's Malt Pure Malt Whisky

Ichiro’s Malt, from two different distilleries. Chichibu and Hanyu. Hanyu has already closed... So very limited bottle:-) Smell is feeling like I’m in deep forest. — 6 years ago

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Hanyu Distillery

Brath Gu Mattew.D.Forrest

Rich polished mahogany color. On the nose, varnish, dried tea, chocolate covered cherries, white raisins, raspberry tart, hazelnut, and subtle menthol notes, like Tiger Balm. Flavors match the nose. Grassy notes pop up in the finish. Light touch of pine smoke and incense. Long and luscious. — 8 years ago

Hanyu Distillery

Hanyu Queen of Hearts Whiskey

Thick, viscous mouthfeel. Black cherry, blackberry, black currant, light smoke, vanilla, coconut, and sherry notes. Dried grass and spices round out the finish. Exceptional Hanyu whisky! — 8 years ago

Hanyu Distillery

Salon de Shimaji Ichiro's 14 Year Old Malt Whisky

Deep copper color. Rich aromas of caramel, vanilla bean, incense, cedar, and creme brûlée. Cigar smoke, leather, and pipe tobacco round out the nose. Palate has baked pears, white raisins, dried apricot, and hazelnut. Long finish. — 8 years ago