Crisp White

Always a good choice! — a year ago

Oak Ridge Winery

Reserve Ancient Vine Zinfandel 2013

A very nice barrel aged zin for a pleasant Sunday dinner with my friends the Centers. Dark fruit and a pleasant smokiness from the barrel. Much better than the Residence Inn Franzia merlot. Ya get what ya pay for, I suppose. — a year ago

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Chillable Red

Botabox lately has been janky tasting for some reason. This guy hit the spot. — 3 years ago


World Classics Chablis Chardonnay

It’s so bitter but I kind of love it. — a year ago

Barboursville Vineyards

Virgnia Cabernet Sauvignon

Only wine I've liked. Obviously excludes slapping the bag of franzia. — 3 years ago


Vintner Select Merlot

Wine on tap! — 3 years ago

Almaden Vineyards

Heritage Moscato

Good for when you want bulk on the cheap . Much better than Franzia in the fact it has a sweeter , more crisp taste and stays fresh longer . — 3 years ago


Sunset Blush Rosé Blend

forever&always — a year ago

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Vintner Select Moscato

Best boxed wine love the sweetness — 2 years ago

Broc Cellars

Cassia Mendocino Grenache Rosé 2015

You can taste the gnarled hundred year old vine in this sensual smoked grapefruit pith beauty. Salinity reminds you why you went back to rose after that box of Franzia fueled your first drunken one night stand Freshman year. Mature, dry as hell and every bit the wine drinker you've become. — 3 years ago