Lion's Whisker Syrah Blend 2009

Today I’m missing the ability to travel to far-flung places or to a local watering hole for that matter.

Intense aromas of dark roast espresso coffee tannins, sandalwood, berries, and cinnamon spice.

Upfront cinnamon and black pepper spice kick, medium body and acidity. Smooth operator with a cool whisper of raspberries and the like culminating in a pleasant clove afterglow.

This is different in a good way. Complex and surprising. Easy drinking, too. Could think of many ways to pair this culinarily and seasonally. From baked lamb to popcorn, to even some rich creamy gelato flavors.
— a month ago

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Fable Farm & Fermentory

Koan Apple 2015

Sour, funky, kombucha like but really tons of woodsy funk. I like it but not one I’d go back to very often. Probably be interesting in another 5 years. — a month ago

Gilles Azzoni

Fable Le Lion & Le Rat Cabernet Sauvignon

A nice wine, full bodied with hints of honeysuckle. This was a gift from my brother to my sister, from Cuba however the wine is French. — 3 months ago

Folk & Fable

Private Reserve California Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Nice flavor with a nice addition of bourbon barrel flavor. Blackberry jam, vanilla smoke, clove, cinnamon, and clove. — 2 months ago

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Fable Farm & Fermentory

Emanation Dry Sparkling Apple Wine 2018

Like a delicate natty sparkling orange wine, but apples. 6% Vermont — a month ago

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Fable Farm & Fermentory

Leo Sparkling Appe and Grape Wine 2018

Amazing flavor and so complex! Kiwi, funk, apples, citrus, earth, herbs. This is my second vintage of trying this wine and I have to say both were stunning. This is the cider for natural wine lovers. — 3 months ago

Folk & Fable

Bourbon Barrel Aged Red Blend 2017

Got as part of a tasting box. Great find. Would go nuts on these if I could get them for $14-18 — a month ago

Fable Mountain Vineyards

The Raptor Post Grenache Noir Blend 2016

Deep purple floral and iron fragrances, nimble on the palate while still holding its own. Natural fermentation, wonder if any carbonic happens? Bright and delicious. — 5 months ago