Wijngoed Thorn

Limburg Dornfelder 2018

Lunch with my best friend, great food and surprisingly great wine. This is a very well balanced red that drinks light and finishes smooth — 4 days ago

Jan de Weerd

Jan de Weerd

Wow. Dutch wine!! Bring one home 😁
Jan de Weerd

Jan de Weerd

Hmmm. On second thought, hagelslag and cheese is more important 😅
RoAnne de Weerd

RoAnne de Weerd

Ill look for it!


Vom Berg Gustav B Red

Earthy Riesling / golden beers
Spontaneous fermentation
— 2 months ago

P.J. Valckenberg

QbA Dornfelder 2015

A lovely smooth, slightly sweet wine. Can really taste the cherries. — 3 months ago

Milan Nestarec

Klasika Dornfelder

YUM! Fun, fruity, effervescent & easy to drink. Sweet grapefruit, mild floral notes. — 17 days ago


Cuvée Flora Pur Pfalz Dornfelder Portugieser

deep and inky in the glass; fizzy bramble, cranberry, and violet developing into plummy, peppery depth — a month ago

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Channing Daughters

Rosso Fresco Red Blend 2018

Didn’t see my love for this lovely NY wine coming. Just popped something for dinner and yay! Fresh, bright cherries and raspberry, tangy and a tad effervescent even, floral and fruity through the end. And at a merciful 12% it is sooooo welcome for spring. — 2 months ago

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Hugh O'Riordan

Hugh O'Riordan

Some day it would be fun to meet and try NY wine. My daughter and grand children live in Connecticut. A long way from Idaho. If we can ever travel again let’s get together and you can show me best of NY wine. I’ll bring some old NW gems! Hugh
Kai Wright

Kai Wright Influencer Badge

Its a date Hugh!

Bechtel Frey

Rheinhessen Dornfelder Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

Very sweet, but not cheap sweet. Almost has a grape juice flavor while still holding the Cabernet. Unique. No heart burn, easy to drink. — 10 days ago

Milan Nestarec

Say No More! Youngster Zweigelt Blend 2019

Dry. Complex. Acidic. Hard-core tannins. Prune. Pairs well with foie gras and short rib. Not glou glou — 2 months ago

Geierslay Kilburg

Mosel Dornfelder

Refreshing red wine. Good for summer and lite dishes. — 3 months ago

Weingut Mann


All hail Germany’s Weingut Mann, from Eckelsheim. 2018 Cuvée Rot. 50% Merlot. 50% *Dornfelder. 100% would drink again. Good concentration, strong color with a gentle tannic grip and surprisingly only 11% alcohol. Worthy of cellaring. A brilliant “natural wine” with the ability to woo the naysayers. A wine that could shake off the title of “natural” like a wet dog, knowing it has the integrity to simply be, a good wine, without having to shout out its resume. Confident this would please many people, on either side of the fence. Would love to taste again in two years.

*Dornfelder is a dark-skinned variety of grape of German origin used for red wine. It was created by August Herold at the grape breeding institute in Weinsberg in the Württemberg region in 1955. Herold crossed the grape varieties Helfensteiner and Heroldrebe, the latter which bears his name, to create Dornfelder. Via Wikipedia ;)
— 5 months ago

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