Joseph Händler

Sweet Red Dornfelder

Enjoyed on February 10, 2024 — 15 days ago

Dr. Heidemanns-Bergweiler

Dornfelder 2021

Medium ruby in color; cherries, raspberries, and dried herbs on the nose; low acidty; low tannins; tastes like pomegranate juice. Not a big fan of sweet wines, but it tastes good and is complex enough to still feel like wine. Nellie says it's ok. Bri likes it too. — 3 months ago

Nellie Bauman
with Nellie

Channing Daughters

Rosso Fresco Red Blend 2020

Red fruit, red berries, wooded brush, forest breath, cherries, cassis.

Pricing Sideways wrong (I mean it’s a blend, but still majority Merlot).

Jolly ranchers, blackberry compote, nice puckering acidity balanced with fruit forward tannins. Punchy.

— 12 days ago

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Hatton Daniels

Mokelumne Glen Dornfelder 2018


Third bottle! Still surprising and good. Quite good but not overwhelmingly so for Mabel’s Hainan chicken with flavored rice. — 2 years ago

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Weinhaus Schloss Koblenz GmbH

Dornfelder 2021

Resident Christmas party, found at the Cellar — 2 months ago

Wijngoed Thorn

Limburg Dornfelder 2022

Vintage 2022 | nice fruitiness — 3 months ago

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Channing Daughters

Rosso Pétillant Naturel Refosco Blend 2019

Field blend: Merlot, Syrah, Cab Franc, Blaufrankisch, Refosco. — a year ago