Domaine Spiropoulos

Domaine Spiropoulos

Ode Panos Mantinia Brut Moschofilero

#Greek #moschofilero #sparkling extra dry; wonderful bubbles; apples on the nose; watermelon hue & butterscotch & floral on palette — 3 years ago

Tricia Pearce
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Domaine Spiropoulos

Meliasto Rosé Mantinia 2011

Creamy and acidy at the same time. Lemon blossom and tea(bergamot) flavors. Nice grass finish. — 6 years ago

David Murphy

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Not a rosé.

Domaine Spiropoulos

Meliasto Rosé Peloponnese Agiorgitiko Moschofilero 2015

Tasted 03/10/2016

Convincingly aromatic, tender, fresh & smooth organic rosé made of Moschofilero with small amount of Agiorgitiko added.

Pleasant gentle peachy pink color.
Subtle aroma of rose flowers, peaches, orange peels, chrysanthemum, lingonberry + wild strawberry drink.
Delicate acidity on top of barberry, white currant, cranberry, pomelo, cloudberry scents. Light+ body tending to medium, charmingly fresh & sapid.
Barberry candy defines calming lingering finish.
Fine on its own. Also paired perch baked with vegs.
— 2 years ago

Domaine Spiropoulos

Porfyros Collection Red Blend 2010

Lyle Coffield

Yes yes yes yes yes! Volume without over abundant oak and "additives" über natural in that you can feel the weight of the wine in earth on your palate. If you can figure that statement out then you are really a geek. So be it. Cheers! — 4 years ago

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Domaine Spiropoulos

Astala Mantinia Moschofilero 2008

Jason Rzutkiewicz

Visited the winery in 2009 and discussed the aging potential of this wine with Apostolos. Happy to report he was right. Wish I had more... #greekwine — 3 years ago

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Domaine Spiropoulos

Mantinia Moschofilero 2014

Produced from organically grown Moschofilero grapes. — 3 years ago