Distillerie Cazottes (laurent Cazottes)

Distillerie Cazottes (Laurent Cazottes)

Prunelart 2016

Good food wine. Fruit forward but with good structure. Was excellent with a burger. — 4 months ago

Distillerie Cazottes (Laurent Cazottes)

Cedrat Sweet Wine


@Todd Abrams I was feeling frisky so I opened this guy up. I guess I was expecting something like a lemonhead candy. Surprise. There is lemon there more like a lemon edge followed by something nutty. Maybe almonds. That's what I usually get with all of these palate cleansers. Very enjoyable. Thanks dude!! — 4 years ago

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Distillerie Cazottes (Laurent Cazottes)

Goutte de Reine-Claude dorée Greengage Brandy

A riot of Easter lilies on the nose. Spicy spicy tulips on the long, looooong finish. Outstanding! — 5 years ago

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Distillerie Cazottes (Laurent Cazottes)

Folle Noire Sweet Red Villeneuve sur Vère

Aroma has nothing to do with when it hits the palate. Not very sweet. Perfect with cheese I would say. Even blue cheese — 3 years ago

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Distillerie Cazottes (Laurent Cazottes)

Noix du Pays d'Oc Red Blend

Distilled walnut, LOTS of acid and tannin structure. Super tasty and long. — 5 years ago