Dingač, Pelješac


Plavac Mali 2016

A dusty dry Zinfandel like red with some funk. — a month ago


Pelješac Plavac Mali

Croatian style Zin reflects the terroir of the region. This bottle only 2 years old - evens out with air. September 2019. — 2 months ago

Vinarija Madirazza

Grande Madirazza Riserva Dingac Red Blend

The waiter at Çakula Korkula suggested this bottle when we wanted a red wine with a dry finishing and slight tinge of sweet. Very decent bottle costing just under 50Euros. Loved it! — 3 months ago

Vedran Kiridžija

Plavac Mali 2015

A really amazing Plavac Mali at a really good price point. Will always have one or two on hand. — a month ago

Vinarija Miloš

Plavac Mali 2016

Will be amazing with food. Fruit start but very dry high tannis. — a month ago

Potomje Matusko

Royal Selection DINGAČ Barrique

Outstanding! Very good finish. — 2 months ago

Ivica Radović

Dingač Plavac Mali


Very good.
— 3 months ago


Pepejuh Dingač Plavac Mali 2016

360 Restaurant - Dubrovnik (Sept. 29, 2019) — 2 months ago

Vedran Kiridžija

Dingač Plavac Mali 2017

Light, fruity fairly sweet and easy to drink. Full bodied and lovely colour. Love it. — 2 months ago

Shep Master
with Shep

Potomje Matusko

Dingac Reserva Barrique Plavac Mali 2014

The wine just keeps getting better and better. — 3 months ago