Dingač, Pelješac

Vinarija Miloš

Plavac Mali 2018

Absolutely fantastic, loving it!!! — 2 months ago


Plavac Mali

Throughly enjoyed — 6 months ago

Vinarija Ponos Potomje

Plavac Mali 2015

Super tasty. Juicy without being too much for dinner — a year ago

Badel 1862

50° Dingač Plavac Mali 2012

God garvesyre, stadig en del frugt, ikke mindst røde skovbær, men også læder, blyant, skovbund — 2 years ago

Potomje Matusko

Dingač Plavac Mali 2014

This wine was only a few red wines that will go with just about anything you could eat, from seafood to steak.. — 2 months ago


Pelješac Plavac Mali 2020

A fun light red, but nonetheless seriously made. Great for summers in the garden — a year ago

Vinarija Madirazza

Grande Madirazza Riserva Dingac Red Blend 2005

16 years cherished wine, excellent!!! — 2 years ago

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Vinarija Dingač

Vinogorje Peljesac 2015

Blackberries with a nice dry finish. Nice table wine — 6 months ago


Marica Plavac Mali

Dark, fruit funk. Smell is ok, but the after is greatly complex. — 8 months ago