Charles Bonvin Fils

Domaine Clos du Château Dôle du Valais Red Blend 2016

So Swiss wine is pretty great! Wish we saw it back in the states. — 2 years ago

Lauren Andersen
with Lauren

Domaine de Beudon

Dôle du Valais AOC Gamay-Pinot Noir Blend 2010

Jeremy Shanker

Pommard in Switzerland. Iron, manure, pine needles, and fresh mountain berries. A seriously good wine for the money.👌 — 6 years ago

Elena Mercado
with Elena

Caves Orsat

Dôle Red Blend 2018

Welcoming the McKellips — a year ago

Cave du Rhodan

Dôle Salgesch Gamay Pinot Noir 2013

Got it at Hotel Bella Vista in Zermatt. Fav wine of the trip. Cherry light. — 4 years ago

Caves Orsat

Romane Dôle Gamay-Pinot Noir Blend

"I don't mind the sun sometimes, the images it shows; I can taste you on my lips and smell you in my clothes" — 5 years ago

Les Bernadettes

Dôle Blanche Rosé 2015

Light fruits and complex. Fantastic — 4 years ago

Jean-René Germanier

Dôle Blanche Pinot Noir Gamay 2014

Another delicious Pinot/Gamay dolè . Best of breed per local dolè afficionados. — 5 years ago

Ted and Scott liked this

Marie-Thérèse Chappaz

Dôle la Liaudisaz Valais Gamay Pinot Noir

Three cheers for the Swiss Alps! And for Alder's charming somm for putting this on her list. Delish (2012 vintage) — 6 years ago