Cuyo, Argentina

Bodega Navarro Correas

Gran Reserva Partida Limitada Alegoría Cabernet Sauvignon 2009

High altitude Cab from Argentina. The color is inky red with a watery rim. Rich ripe dark fruit and oak scents. Time has served this wine well! The fore-pallet is again, fruit forward, velvety! The mid pallet has a great counter-balance composed of bold, oaky, and earthy flavors. The finish is long, slightly spicy, with strong tannings. Definitely a good wine; fruit is high but everything else falls right into place. — 5 days ago

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Ron R

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Nice notes, @Ericsson.

Terrazas de Los Andes

Cheval des Andes Mendoza Malbec Blend 2015

Ron R

Opened this a few nights ago, and surprisingly, this vintage fell short. It didn’t display the richness and depth we experienced with 12 and 14 vintages. I look forward to trying the 16, but probably not ready for prime-time at this point. — 8 days ago

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David T

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Definitely a better white than red year.


I have a ‘14... Looking forward to opening it.
Ron R

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Good to know, @David T. @Ericsson, you’re in for a treat.

Bodega Catena Zapata

High Mountain Vines Mendoza Malbec 2017

My wife purchased this and in her words, "this greatly exceeded expectations!". At $16, this is a steal. Silky smooth black fruit, leather mint, and lavender on the palate. This reminded that I should not forget about drinking more malbecs. James Suckling rated this 93pts...while I think that is a bit high, it is very good and definitely recommend! — 14 days ago

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David L

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Always a great value. Cheers


Reserva Estate Bottled Mendoza Malbec 2017

Color of dark purple, different shades but almost inky. Nose of plenty of cherry, vanilla, spice, some berries, very fruity. Taste is smooth and silky, with refined tannins, jammy, minerals, some medicinal syrup note, spice, and ripe dark fruits. No edge and dense pack of flavors. Aftertaste of some more minty and bittersweet note. Very good indeed. — 3 days ago

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Cuvelier Los Andes

Colección Malbec Blend 2014

Deep red with dark berries and leather. The nose keep developing spices like coriander seeds and black pepper. Reasonably well structured tannins made to last. — 3 hours ago

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Bodegas Peñaflor

Eccentric Cabernet Sauvignon 2019

Color of bubbly clear ruby, with mix of purple hue. Nose of cocoa and chocolate, burning spice, black cherry, ripe grapes, more berry note, yet strong alcohol is a bit overpowering. Taste is definitely sweet from dark fruits, almost too sweet, tobacco leaves, and marginal tannins, smooth with a bit medicinal syrup, and alcohol is not as strong as nose. Aftertaste is a bit short with some more cocoa note. On par. — 13 days ago

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Wagner Family of Wines

Voyage 8 Red Schooner Malbec 2017

Interesting wine. Could see this as a polarizing offering. Paired well with skirt steak. — 4 days ago

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Bodegas Nieto Senetiner

130 Aniversario Malbec 2017

Dark like fresh worm castings or dark roast coffee grounds. Smells of wet soil and dried figs. And coffee grounds. Not coffee but the grounds before brewing. Flavors are luscious and rich. Mochas with a splash of blackberry. This is a great Malbec. Thanks Robbie for bringing it straight from the source. — 4 months ago

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Manos Negras

Atrevida Mendoza Malbec 2018

Color of clear ruby with a bit purple hue on the rim. Nose of ample acidity, plum, black cherry, a bit chocolate, carbonates and hint of coke, and spicy in the nasal cavity. Taste of good polished tannins, refined sweetness and acidity, some cherry and ripe fruits, bittersweet rind, minerals, round, and no edge. Aftertaste is medium with some more warmth in the throat. Enjoy her now. — 10 days ago

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Domaine Nico

Soeur et Freres Grand Mere Pinot Noir 2017

Pale ruby with secondary garnet hues. Noticeable tearing. Bright strawberry, cherry, lemongrass, vanilla, nutmeg, and delicate anise and mushroom notes. Punchy on the palate with more minerality and wet slate influences. Vintage 2017. ABV 13%.

@Delectable Wine Grand Père
— 11 days ago

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