Cremaschi Furlotti

Cremaschi Furlotti

Reserva Loncomilla Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2020

a delicious very pairable red with easy tannins and a full-bodied finish — a month ago

Cremaschi Furlotti

Pajarito Merlot 2018

As long as you let this breathe this is a very nice wine! And I mean ten minutes or so …. Great flavor, with a wonderful, oaky, peppery finish. From Wine Insiders. Tasted 27 December 2022. — a year ago

Cremaschi Furlotti

Pajarito Valle Central Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

Very smooth and easy to drink, with a lovely rich flavor. Not too tannic either. — 4 years ago

Cremaschi Furlotti

Cremaschi Furlotti Valle Central Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

85小半瓶,该有的都有了,而且16年喝着一点都不老我是真的佩服,除了贵酒的层次感外基本上就是无敌,橡木桶的味道也有一些,很怡人的一款酒。 — 2 months ago


Reserve Viña Cremaschi Chardonnay 2015

Color is pale yellow with hints of green. Feel is light and crisp and slightly effervescent on the finish. Tastes of green apples. Ate with salmon cakes and deviled eggs. The food brought out the herbs and a slight charred taste. — 9 months ago

Familia Furlotti

Malbec 2019

Not too spicy, with a clean finish. A little sweet, a little bitter, a little dry. — 3 months ago

Cremaschi Furlotti

Penasco Single Vineyard Carménère 2015

Well balanced and tasty. Red fruit, black pepper, leather. Smokey. Very drinkable young. Great value! — 4 years ago

Cremaschi Furlotti

Reserva Pajarito Valle Central Chardonnay 2019

Very smooth and refreshing . Not bitter or too sweet. Has a hints of fruit. Goes well with chicken. — 4 years ago

Cremaschi Furlotti

Single Vineyard Carménère 2015

Brided leather, mildew, rotundone. Super smooth finish. Could drink all day. — 6 years ago

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