Sartori di Verona

Regolo Estate Collection Rosso Veronese Corvina 2005

Surprisingly fantastic, especially QPR. Just the right amount of bottle age. — 2 days ago


Valpolicella Corvina Blend 2016

At Harry’s on Buderim Restaurant. Colour is mid crimson. Aromas of earth and red fruits, cherries in particular carrying over to the palate. Clean fruit - Light to medium weight with mild Tannins and acid - a savoury lively tang. Not for long cellaring - drink now. Always liked the wines from Allegrini. Went well with Pork Belly. — 19 days ago

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Azienda Agricola Musella

Amarone Corvina Blend 2012

Mike’s wine note class. 나의 페이버릿이 생김 - 아마로네!!! 최고의 이태리 베네또 지방 와인. 아마로네는 항상 3-6개월 천장에서 말리므로 musty하다는 특징이 있고 버섯요리와 굉장히 잘 어울림. Anything with tomato sauce or 리조또/미트볼. (나중에 먹은 삼겹살과는 안어울렸음) (인터넷: 구운육류. 강한맛의 티즈. 중국요리와 잘 어울린다고함)

이탈리아 3대 와인산지인 토스카나 (산지오베제 라는 토착품종을 이용해만든 키안티), 피에몬테 (네비올로 라는 토착품종을 이용해 만든 바롤로/바르바레스코), 베네토 (아마로네) 가 있는것!

생산지 크기는 베네토 > 베로나 > 발폴리텔라 이며, 베네토 지역에 베로나와 베네치아 등이 위치해있음.

아파씨멘토 공정을 통해 겨울에 120여일간 말린 포도를 저온으로 30-50일간 더 발효하면, 당분이 날아가며 알콜도수가 15도까지 높고 묵직하고 드라이한 아마로네가 된다. (대신 과일향의 신선미는 적음) 발효과정이 이보다 짧으면 당분이 남아 스위트 아마로네 “레초토(recioto, 레치오토 라고도 부름) 델라 발폴리첼라”가 되거나, 발효과정이 생략되면 일반 레드와인 발폴리첼라가 된다. 최고급이므로 최소 4년 이상의 숙성기를 거쳐야한다.
— 12 days ago

Latium Morini

Campo Prognài Valpolicella Superiore Corvina Blend 2015

With grilled salmon, quinoa-low tannin red with a love letter to dark red & black cherries, deeper notes & very fresh. Jan D’Amore importer, whose choices never fail me. The low ratings are mysterious to me. — 23 days ago

Paul LafortezzaOwen Mazon
with Paul and Owen
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Owen Mazon

Owen Mazon

A fine wine with food, though a bit of a one-note song.

Le Fraghe

Rodòn Bardolino Chiaretto


Another small producer find by Metro Vino in Calgary. This is a truly unique and wonderful summer Rosé from the Bardolono Appellation is light bronze in appearance, offering a rich mosaic of wild strawberries, peach and fruit aromas. Crisp, dry, with tasty minerality and almost crunchy in its full bodied mouth feel I detected a very slight effervescence. DOC 12.5% alc/vol — 12 days ago

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@AgeyFixey Rosé season in Fernie Cheers 🍷
Sharon B

Sharon B

Sounds so refreshing!

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@Sharon B Sharon this is a Mrs A favorite Cheers 🍷

MGM Mondo del Vino

Sopra Sasso Valpolicella Ripasso Corvina Blend 2014

Cherry, strawberry, almonds, raisins. Nice nose. The à palate is composed of a very strong acid backbone carrying loads of cherry all along and laying some layers of matter on the side : some silk and some sweetness too. The rear is a roller-coaster of tannins kicking up a very long lasting fresh finish with cherry notes. Very enjoyable again. — 18 days ago

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Rafael Valpolicella Classico Superiore Corvina Blend 2015

This barely opaque, magenta-red colored wine is has complex aromas of leather, spice, cedar and just a hint of smoke. The palate is ripe with sweet spices, cherry fruit, a hint of root beer, soft tannins and great acidity. It’s a terrific, affordable alternative to the more expensive “ripasso” and Amarone. Enjoy with roasted meets, aged cheeses, cured meats and olives. Staff favorite – one sip will transport you to Italy.. Surdyks Spring 2018 Sale - $11.99 (compare at $16.99) — 14 days ago


Riserva Costasera Amarone Classico Corvina Blend 2013

Pricey bottle and fucking fabulous. Not worth the money unless you’re flush with cash or have a good reason to celebrate. I’m obviously in the latter camp as I’ll never be ‘flush with cash’ (1-Muz, delectable review, 2019) but I certainly had reason to celebrate! Sure, my leg is fucked and I’m on pain meds but I refrained from taking meds all night so I could enjoy the company of birthday boy, bassist and sound tech extrodinaire (French cuz he French) snaps Ducharme and later, best-dude, drummer, business partner and brother Philip nauseous at local champion pub, Arcadia and then truly begin the personal celebration... the wine is flavourful and hearty but smooth, much like myself after a bottle of wine, and I enjoyed it with my girlfriend after first having a glass of wine from a $20 bottle (plus three air miles... I’m saving for a special trip). I cooked steaks and steamed green beans and cauliflower which turned out extremely well, however, she may have completely changed how I eat steak from now on, which I’m ambivalent about... I know I’m not perfect but I don’t want to change my essence, I’m still trying to decide whether an Italian style of eating steak infringes upon my authenticity. We finished the bottle after dinner obviously having drank most of it with the food, and talked about the food, wine and life. This is another italianism I seem to have picked up, talking about food... so you can see why I’m cautious! I haven’t gotten to the reason for celebrating yet but my girlfriend got a new job (sadly, in another city...)! Conversation was mostly positive and optimistic which is fabulous because I’m still fearful of the future and what being apart this next year will mean for us. She went to bed early because of the heavy food and drink and the business of her last week; she also taught the first class of one of her spring courses this evening so I may not recommend this wine to dudes that simply want the ‘score’ although taking everything into account, the wine was only part of the reason... I stayed up later playing guitar and painting and contemplating the future with a slightly cheaper but quality Malbec and took my meds finally. This made me slightly tragic and sad but not so much that I couldn’t still be optimistic and hopeful for the future. If life is complicated but worth celebrating, I highly recommend this wine. It’s probably the second or third best bottle I’ve ever had and was worth the cost considering the circumstances. — 13 days ago

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Recioto della Valpolicella Classico Corvina 2015

Sweet raisins, fig and medium sweet. Thickness but not syrupy. Delizioso! — a month ago

Gregory Fulchiero
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Gregory Fulchiero

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Terrific recioto - plum fruit, tobacco, spice, and potpourris. A treat.


Arena Classico Amarone della Valpolicella 2007

Lots of oak. A lot of vanilla flavors so I suspect American oak. However, its balanced and I suspect getting better at peak. Tannins can still handle it. — 7 days ago