Colares, Lisboa

Viuva José Gomes da Silva & Filhos

Collares Ramisco 2008

Mason Balistreri

I had to open one last bottle of Colares before I left Portugal. These are very rare wines made of the ramisco grape, grown on the sandy soil without trellising. Dried cherry fruit on the nose with a hint of cinnamon. At a decade old, you would never guess. The level of tannin and acidity is at a level here that makes Barolo look like baby stuff. #portugalwine #colares — a month ago

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Casa Santos Lima

Portuga Vinho White Blend 2015

Ļoti svaigs, citrusains. Kalvim ĻOTI garšoja. — 4 days ago

Adega Regional de Colares

Arenæ Colares Ramisco 2008

Mason Balistreri

Wow. First time. Speechless. — a month ago

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Quinta da Fonte Bela

Paxis Red Blend 2015

Great inexpensive wine. Smooth and not too heavy. — 14 days ago

Casa Santos Lima

Reserva do Monte White Blend 2012

Erin DeByl brought this to us. Easy to drink, flavorful red, no bad aftertaste or strong acidic taste. Stays in mouth well. — 3 days ago

Encosta da Quinta

Humus Fernão Pires

Natural wine from rock juice membership March 2018 — an hour ago


221 Red Blend

Mason Balistreri

It reminds me - overall - of high quality Sancerre, but with different fruit expression. Plenty of acidity and freshness. Lemon zest and fruit aromatics. Good body and texture too. A nice wine. Interesting concept with two winemakers from two regions combining the same grape. This is the white wine by the way. #PortugueseWine #wine #naturalwine #drinkingnatural #portugalwine #whitewine — a month ago

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Casa Santos Lima

Confidencial Tinto Red Blend 2014

Color of medium to dark purple with orange rim. Nose of raspberry, medicinal note, vanilla, a bit citrus, and hint of earthiness. Taste is smooth, with raisins note, a bit peppery, hint of peachy sweetness, and berry note. Aftertaste of again some vanilla note, peppery, medium short with low tannins. Not bad. — 24 days ago

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Casa Santos Lima

Colossal Reserva Syrah Blend

Wow, for $13 that is solid! Tannins are nice but not too overpowering, good nose too, some plum and smoky flavor. — 12 days ago

Rivka FriedmanNavin Nayak
with Rivka and Navin

Casa Santos Lima

Reserva Confidencial Red Blend 2013

Like not too sweet fruit jam — 5 days ago