Colares, Lisboa


Reserva D'Amizade Friendship Fado Vinho Regional Lisboa Red Blend 2010

Spent vacation in 2019 partly in Lisbon. Loved the wine, the graffiti, and Fado.
This is a very nice wine for dinner or just hanging out. Get it if you see it!
— 6 days ago

Casa Santos Lima

Confidencial Tinto Red Blend 2014

A very good sipping wine. Drank the bottle while playing Sherlock Holmes. Had some Dubliner and cheap smoked Gouda with it but did well even when not eating. — 12 days ago

Casa Santos Lima

Red Blend

Wow, I’m impressed. I bought my bottle at Costco for real cheap and it is pretty damn good for a red blend. Paired very well with our grilled steak 🥩 — 15 days ago


Reserva Lisboa Red blend 2015

Hey Gentlemen wouldn't you just love it if your wives SUGGESTED That you consume a little wine each night to take the edge off!
Well this is what I am being told by my husband!!
He says I am bouncing off the walls with the daughter's wedding this Saturday!
Actually the whole event has been downsized and will be more intimate! ❤
This wine is a Costco bargain! A simple but really nice table wine; it was in the 2019 WE Best Buys! I have never had a wine from Portugal before! This wine is fruity and presents with low tannins, smooth as silk and huge smoke on the finish which I love! Not complex yet absolutely nothing offensive!
— 8 days ago

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Dawn E.

Dawn E.

@Severn Goodwin 🐈 better! Picked up ashes right before last minute errands for wedding! She was always my daughter's baby! Fitting that she was along for last minute preparations! 😇🤔
Ron R

Ron R Influencer Badge Premium Badge

Congrats on your upcoming and very special life-event. I’m sure it will be wonderful.
Dawn E.

Dawn E.

@Ron R thank you so much! 👌


Reserva Vinho Regional Lisboa Red Blend 2017

NW. Very drinkable red wine and excellent value. Smooth but with body. — 5 days ago

Casa Santos Lima

LAB Vinho Regional Lisboa Branco White Blend

Bright and fresh, a little effervescent — 8 days ago

Manuel José Colares

Casta Ramisco Red Blend 1997

Decent enough Colares albeit slightly madeirized. Still, the waves of fruit and mineral came through and I thought overall quite expressive. — a month ago

Casa Santos Lima

Quinta da Espiga Vinho Regional Estremadura Red Blend 2017

Semi fullbodied and good quality for price - some sweetiness balances the acidic flavour full of berries. Especially good even without food. — a day ago

Casa Santos Lima

LB7 Castelão Blend 2017


Red fruit aromas bursting with a sunny freshness that shows just how great Portuguese wine can be, especially when priced at a mere £6.99 a bottle.

The wine was decanted for an hour. It delivered a medium bodied very smooth and subtly spiced, dark fruit led wine with a terrific sweet background.

One I shall be back to. Well done Majestic.
— 16 days ago

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