Clos Lachance

Clos LaChance

Estate Vineyards Merlot 2017

Lots of body and spice...raspberry and baking spices galore with Cigar box and cherry. Wow, super concentrated. Can't get over this wine! Best merlot we've had in a while. This is an intense merlot! — 3 months ago

Clos LaChance

Estate Petite Sirah 2007

2007 vintage
Еще довольно молодо. Вначале в носе яркую ягодность чуть смазывают легкая пыльность и сладко-творожные ноты, но со временем они уходят, и в развитии к черешне и голубике добавляются шелковица, эвкалипт, хвоя, вишневая косточка, фиалки. Во вкусе ягоды темнее: черноплодка, сухая черника; проскакивают полутона земли, обожженной бочки. Мощно, однозначно, но не плоско. Все еще мускулистые танины и ощутимый дуб. Сладость ягод в атаке сменяется легкой естественной горчинкой в послевкусии. Громкий современный стиль, сделанный на достойном уровне.
— 7 years ago

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Clos LaChance

Santa Cruz Mountains Chardonnay 2015

Perfect balance of oak — 2 years ago

Clos LaChance

Reserve Zinfandel 2013

Sweet, one of my favorites — 5 years ago

Clos LaChance

Estate Zinfandel 2009

As my dear friends Tracy, Cathy and Melissa said, "You can't drink it too fast because the finish can have a sugary aftertaste that can be harsh on the palette. Really a cherry pie finish, but a bit tart on the finish." — 7 years ago

Clos LaChance

Reserve Chardonnay 2012

Love it. Oakey and smooth. — 7 years ago

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with Keith and Sean

Clos LaChance

Reserve Pinot Noir 2012

Excellent with spicy appetizer. The K Indian food...good by itself ... but let it breath first. — 5 years ago

Clos LaChance

Pinot Noir 2008

Luscious fruit and very well balanced. — 7 years ago

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Clos LaChance

Reserve Viognier 2013

Very nice bottle to share on a gorgeous evening in North Carolina. Love Viognier in the warm weather, hints of peach make it more lush than a Sauvignon blanc, yet not as heavy as a good chardonnay. — 7 years ago