Grace Vineyard

Chairman's Reserve Red Blend 2010

第一瓶放坏了,像醋一样,心说都是这水平可白瞎了……还好后面几瓶都还不错。但是10年的酒现在喝,感觉已经不太能继续陈年了 — 21 hours ago


Skyline of Gobi Cabernet Franc 2015

Amazing Chinese wine — 3 months ago

Puchang Wine

Rkatsiteli 2016

Introduced to me by the sommelier at Bulgari Hotel Shanghai. The wine comes from a Xinjiang vineyard. Rkatsiteli (stands for “Red Stem”) is a grape from Georgia (Europe/Asia) for making white wine. It is surprisingly good. Crisp, leafy taste, sweet tasting (pear & coconut), mineral — 4 months ago

Silver Heights

Family Reserve Ningxia Red Blend 2014

! !Yarivyo Wine Score!

Very well done, probably the best wine I had from China ever, please keep in mind that my experience is limited, well balanced, lots of black fruits, wood, earth, medium to full body, good acidity, well integrated tannins and a long balanced finish. My score 88+, drink to 2023 — 7 months ago

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Ao Yun Cabernet Sauvignon Cabernet Franc 2013

Fascinating! Pyrozenes belie 15% ABV. Focused, textured and bright. Corison Kronos sticks out as a comparison... — a month ago

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Hebei Sanjing

Shilixiang Baijiu

Distillery: Hebei Sanjing
Name: Shilixiang Baijiu

Fun apparent fact - Baijiu is the most consumed spirit in the world. But gosh... How little does the Western society know of this spirit. It's so difficult to find information on these bottles that are not in Mandarin (in English basically).

This distillery has to be king of the Hebei province (right outside Beijing). Signboards and ads are plastered everywhere with this very nicely branded disillery (love the bottle).

That said, this was pretty good. Alcohol on the lower side (40% abv). Sorghum and wheat based. It's on the "sweeter" side, even on the nose. Smells a touch musky, herbal and quite smooth on the mid-palate, finishes sweet and strong, but not necessarily harsh. Still burns unlike the Shandong Baijiu, but heck... It's Baijiu. It should burn. In my mind, this has sort of a richness, but not quite like Maotai's style and density. Still learning, so forgive the botched notes.
— 3 months ago

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Li Demei

Skyline of Gobi Reserve 2015

Very surprised that my hometown winery could produce such fine wine. I likes its dark color and berries smell, a bit sweet and low tnnins. it's a great value for everyday drink. — 2 months ago

Hebei Xianwang Liquor

Huang Han Jiao

Distillery: Hebei Xianwang Liquor
Name: Huang Han Jiao

Another local from Hebei Province, and another lower alcohol Baijiu (40+ % abv). Like the Shilixiang, on the "sweet" side, but perhaps a little softer and rounder. No musky tones, more a sort of floral fragrance and quite estery. The palate was quite similar to the Shilixiang - rich and melow mid-palate, and finishes sweet with a burn. It'a quite nice, but to be honest, I'd gravitate away from Baijiu after this trip.
— 3 months ago

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Great Wall

Chateau SunGod Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 2012

First showing of this wine outside of China and it doesn’t disappoint. — 5 months ago

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