Cantina Enotria

Fattoria Enotria

Mendocino County Dolcetto 2015

An Italian grape in Mendocino! And made by a woman winemaker. Which mayhaps helps explain how this wine can have tough tannins all mellowed by a chocolate covered cherry. When you are a woman obscuring your toughness (so you aren’t labeled as a problem) with a friendly nature (so they think oh she’s sweet) is an acquired skill. One that does well by Dolcetto.
It is the bitterest of chocolate and the freshest and also dried-est of cherries. Omigod it is not sweet but it realllllly reminds me of dark chocolate covered cherries. And maybe someone infused that butter chocolate with a chili pepper because there is a zing to it. I will party with this wine all night and probably tell it my secrets before dawn.
— 9 months ago

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Ron R

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Sounds nice.
Ron R

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Or maybe I should have said that it reads very nice 🙄
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@Ron R thank you thank you! 🥂

Fattoria Enotria

Uvaggio Isabella Arneis 2010

2010 in 2016. Marshmallows, smoke and candied orange peel- medium to full bodied. Soft and round. Imminently drinkable. — 6 years ago

Fattoria Enotria

Enotria Moscato Elevato

Distilled with added moscato and it tastes like…amaretti! Get yourself some cookies and a glass of it. You may not think you like sweet wine but…you’re gonna learn. — 6 months ago

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Fattoria Enotria

Mendocino County Moscato 2018

Smooth and very light. Not overly sweet — 2 years ago

Antica Enotria

Puglia Falanghina

Always good. Tangy. Awakens before meal. — 5 years ago

Fattoria Enotria

Mendocino County Cortese 2013

Bertus van Zyl

Acid and texture for days, sleeper wine for the summer! — 7 years ago

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Aziende Vitivinicole Enotria

Cirò Rosso 2017

Enjoyed with steak, summer, and friends. Pepper. Lompian. — 6 months ago

Enotria Tellus

Millesimato Treviso Brut Prosecco 2019

Fruity yellow citrus. Fresh. 2019 @1380, dacheng, 200801 — a year ago

Antica Enotria

Puglia Sangiovese

Really nice! Easy to drink and doesn’t overdo it on the alcohol. Notes of sweet orange but not overly sweet and still maintains dry side. Good sipping wine. Yummy! — 2 years ago

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