Hidden Chapel

Trilogy 2013

I got the, “I could drink the whole darn bottle right now!”, tastey note right out of the gate. Hope I make it to work tomorrow? — 16 days ago

Mastronardi Estate Winery

Broken Barrel Berry Cider

Berry Cider. Bill got this en route to Cornell while driving through Canada. Slightly fizzy but not fizzy like a cider. Sweet like a cider. — 12 days ago

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Black Swift Vineyards

Desert Valley Vineyard Cabernet Franc 2014

A spectacular Canadian Cabernet Franc from The Okanagan. Dark ruby colour in the glass with a intensely aromatic nose of coffee, cocoa, cola & black fruit. The palate is dry, with excellent structure, substantial acidity and hints of bell pepper, chili pepper, raspberry sauce and slight wet gravel finish. A perfect representation of how amazing Cab Francs can be from Canada. Paired with barbecue chicken thighs, asparagus and scallions. — 17 days ago

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Shawn Thompson

Shawn Thompson

@P A @Trixie Yes, our Canadian Cab Francs are really taking root. 😉 The vine really seems to love our Northern terroir in both the Okanagan and Niagara Peninsula! Cheers! 🍷


@Shawn Thompson I've made it a new years resolution to try more cab francs this year
Shawn Thompson

Shawn Thompson

@AgeyFixey Me too! Cheers! 🍷

Seventh Heaven

Premium Canadian Dry Gin

Best gin ever tasted. Proud Montreal company — 7 days ago


Pét-Nat Zweigelt Rosé 2018

BC wine at its best. Go drink this. — 17 days ago

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Blood Brothers Brewing

Devil's Trill VI Tokyo Trill Imperial IPA

Alpine weightlifter parasol fruit fight, muscles straining against too tight tropical-hued t-shirts. — 25 days ago

Zero Issue Brewing

Nemesis IPA


Nemesis IPA by “Zero Issue Brewing” with its intoxicating aroma, intense grapefruit, passionfruit and citrus notes is an absolute stunner. 7.3 alc/vol. But that wasn’t the star of the night out in Calgary with Mrs A. We stumbled into the Charbar Restaurant featuring a culinary blending of Argentine wood-fired grilled entrees, and quiet Spanish and Italian notes. We shared a porterhouse steak from Alberta beef which maybe the best that we have ever had. Mitch the manager, the bartender Andrew, and the wait staff Hillary, Patrick and Shannon are the best. When in Calgary the Charbar is a must! The beer is a 9.0 and the Charbar is a 10.0. Cheers 🍻🇨🇦 — a month ago

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@Trixie Trixie Thanks we had a wonderful time Calgary is so much fun. We can’t wait to go back. I encourage you and all my Delectable Friends to go, eat at the Charbar hit all the micro breweries. Cheers 🍷🍻🇨🇦
Dennis P.

Dennis P.

@P A great read. Cheers

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@Dennis P. Dennis, Thanks and if you are ever in Calgary I encourage you to give the many wonderful local beers and the Charbar a try. Cheers 🍻🇨🇦

Laughing Stock Vineyards

Portfolio Merlot Blend 2012

Laughing stock and specifically portfolio remains one of my favourite BC wines. It’s composed of 45% Merlot, 25% Cab Sav, 22% Cab Franc, 7% Malbec, 1% petit Verdot. The 2012 vintage is still holding well. Dark plums, cherries, raspberries. medium earthiness, mild cigar box followed by red peppers spices, cloves and anise. It is just past it’s peak but still holding well. Should drink within the next year. — 3 days ago

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Great wine, and I'd love to try some of the older ones. I have some after 2012.. Cheers 🍷
Michael Bleszynski

Michael Bleszynski

@AgeyFixey agree! Had a good stock of the 2006 vintage (finished last year) which maintained its structure extraordinarily well, better than the 2012.

La Seigneurie de Liret

Fraicheur Du Fleuve Marquette Baco Noir 2016

Vin de soif québécois, fruité avec un fruit sûr très présent! — 9 days ago

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Clos du Soleil

Célestiale Merlot Blend 2014

more complexity than many entry bottling of Bordeaux grand cru classe level for literally half the price. incredible pqr. more fruit too if that's from climate; more to my taste than BDX — 18 days ago