C.g. Di Arie

Da Vinci (Cantine Leonardo)

Chianti Sangiovese Blend

El Chianti uno de mis preferidos, siempre trae recuerdos, en casa de mis Nonnos los domingos, la Nonna se daba el gusto de servirnos el Chianti con un chorrito de agua mientras mis padres levantaban la ceja "solo un poco de vino con agua, les hace bien decía la Nonna..." Buenos tiempos! Estupendo el Leonardo con D.O. C.G. color intenso, con ese ligero picor que permite acompañar con cualquier plato de nuestra gastronomía, esta vez un arroz con pollo (también se elabora con pato) la armonía perfecta! — 3 years ago

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C.G. di Arie

Estate Grown Proprietor's Cabernet-Syrah Blend 2010

Delicious complex flavor. Great with spicy food ! 2009 is slightly better, but still delicious! — 4 years ago

C.G. di Arie

Estate Grown Tempranillo 2011

Crushed blackberry and raspberry on the nose. Light in body with one of the best finishes I've tasted in a wine. Light, playful, and complex. — 3 years ago

C.G. di Arie

Southern Exposure Syrah

Tobacco, plum, raspberry, dirt, pepper, charcoal, black pepper. This is a superb wine. Maybe a little late, so drink em if you got em still. — 4 years ago

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C.G. di Arie

Mixed Breed Red Blend

Reddish purple hues. Maroon at the very tip.
Wonderfully intense flavors of cherry, raspberry, dried apricot, spices, and hint of vodka. Very little tannins. Thin texture. Finishes with aroma of dates.
— 3 years ago

C.G. di Arie

Cabernet Sauvignon

This is a bold and fruity cab sauv with the typical black currant and cherry flavors. I believe this one will be even that much better after a couple of more years. I left this wine out overnight Uncorked and the next day I had and it was very good — 3 years ago

C.G. di Arie

Sierra Legend Estate Red Blend 2009

2009 drinks really well in 2016 😋 — 4 years ago

C.G. di Arie

Estate Grown Petite Sirah 2010

2010 at a restaurant. $44 bottle pretty darn good! — 4 years ago