Black Heath Meadery

Chinook Arch Meadery

Bodacious Black Currant Melomel Honey Wine

J Koch

Very sweet! But I guess it is a honey mead! Lots of strong current taste, with a hint of other berries! Would definitely buy again as a dessert wine! — 4 years ago

Superstition Meadery

Black Berry White

Amazing deep dark berry intensity with a stunningly long palate and Sauternes style layered complexity. Like nothing I’ve had before. — a year ago

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Black Heath Meadery

Lemon Berry Goode Blueberry Honey Wine

Refreshing and complex. Wild flowers, honey, blueberry and lemon oil. Batch # 1/107 — 4 years ago

Black Heath Meadery

Sour Cherry

Maraschino liquor quality to the nose but with dense sweetness and floral quality. Refreshing, sweet/sour cherry finish. Batch 1/193 — 5 years ago

Heath Vineyards

Willow Creek District Syrah 2015

Shay A

Monthly WTF group recap. Theme this month was “bring something special”. Normally we taste all of the wines blind, but we decided to do a relaxed night with amazing wines at a great restaurant. Spectacular evening!

This is my first time with this producer, so I don’t know their typical style. I found this to be very soft with a sweet baked fruit profile...hardly any acidity. Loads of blueberry fig, graham cracker, milk chocolate and candied red, blue and black fruit pie. Hedonistic in style. Thanks
@Steve Bolger .
— 2 years ago

Michael RaridenSteve BolgerAndrew Heffley
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Earle Estates Meadery

Black Jewel Semi-Sweet Honey Mead-Raspberry Wine Blend

Some nights, simple is best.
Berry nice black/red raspberry notes, great sweet/earthy notes from the Mead base, lightly sweet but not cloying.
— 4 years ago

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