Vinho Verde, Minho

Casa de Vilacetinho

Grande Escolha Vinho Verde Avesso Blend 2020

Very aromatic nose with yellow fruits (pineapple, peach) along with some white flower notes and citrusy zest (orange peel, tangerine...). This is quite impressive! The palate is very well made with a strong acid backbone, a good width, some nice citrusy and zesty notes all along, a soft mouthfeel and a powerful and long finish with those same citrusy and zesty notes, bringing a tiny bitter vibe to it. We had it along with a dish prepared by yours truly of squid in sauce with vegetables (oignon, red pepper bell, zucchini, carrots and garlic), fish sauce and soy sauce and this was a great pairing. Very good one! — 5 days ago

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Timothy Lynch

Timothy Lynch

Well...I know what dish I’m preparing for Wednesday’s dinner. Now, what to pull from the cellar. 😎

Casal De Ventozela

Contatto Vinho Verde Avesso

Fun and funky. Love the label. Pond swimming and grill with old friends — 25 days ago

Casal De Ventozela

Pseudónimo Vinho Verde Pet Nat Loureiro Trajadura

Light fruit-forward sparkling wine. Great for summer! — 4 days ago

Anselmo Mendes

Muros Antigos Monção e Melgaço Vinho Verde Alvarinho 2021

When in Portugal drink Anselmo Mendes… from the local mini mart…so savory, tart, & begging for food…a few digestif biscuits & some local goat cheese, this sings. Medium bodied, & so not for the faint of heart. — 3 days ago

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Foral de Melgaço

Vinho Verde Old Vines Alvarinho 2021

Bright, tart, effervescent, and slightly sweet. — 4 days ago

Casal De Ventozela

Vinho Verde White Blend

Really enjoyed this Alvarinho (2019) from Majestic £9.99. I’ve had it sat in my fridge for a while but only just got around to opening. Sadly Majestic don’t appear to stick it anymore. Shame as I would have bought a half case. — 19 days ago

Compañia de Vinos del Atlántico

Nortico Vinho Verde Alvarinho 2031

Crisp acidity, slight peach on nose and plenty of lemony citrus taste and mineral finish. Take a few sips to adjust to the initial tartness, it mellows as it sits in the glass. Very enjoyable. — 8 days ago

A&D Wines

Monólogo Avesso P67 2021

Concentrated apricots, Verde freshness. Grown up Verde. Love it. — 6 days ago


Vinho Verde Loureiro Blend

Killer Summer Wine. Hits the spot on 90 degree days. — 11 days ago

Via Latina

Vinho Verde Loureiro 2021

Quite possibly the best $2.50/bottle I’ve ever had. — 4 days ago