Vinarija Matela

Vinarija Miloš

Stagnum Plavac Mali 2013

Bigger, bolder, richer, still dry but more flavorful Plavac Mali variety. Better if allowed to breathe for a bit, pairs well with cheese and red meat. — 5 months ago

Vinarija Miloš

Plavac Mali

Pretty smooth! Had in Split after visiting the vineyard. — 8 months ago

Vinarija Dingač

Vinogorje Peljesac 2015

Blackberries with a nice dry finish. Nice table wine — 2 years ago

Vinarija Madirazza

Grande Madirazza Riserva Dingac Red Blend 2005

16 years cherished wine, excellent!!! — 3 years ago

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Vinarija Puhelek

Purek Sauvignon 2022

Crisp, light, medium body, smooth mouthfeel, lemon orange taste, paired exceptionally well with a tuna tartar. — 5 months ago

Vinarija Deurić

Severna Morava

Nice fruit with smooth Tannins. July 2023. — 7 months ago

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Vinarija Toreta

Special Pošip 2021

Barley, brine, lemon. Medium bodied- fleshy. Maybe the lobster on the label is suggestive, but this wine would be fantastic with seafood. — a year ago

Vinarija Ponos Potomje

Dingač Barrique Plavac Mali 2020

Complex structure, fruity plum, raisin and pomegranate aroma that flows into the taste, with a bit of tobacco in the aftertaste. Pairs well with game and saucy meats. — 5 months ago

Matalj Vinarija

Kremen Kamen Cabernet Sauvignon

Very similar to a Pinot, fruity, and no earthy taste — 9 months ago

Vinarija Ponos Potomje

Plavac Mali 2015

Super tasty. Juicy without being too much for dinner — 2 years ago