Vignerons D'uni Médoc

Vignerons d'Uni-Médoc

Merrain Rouge Médoc Red Bordeaux Blend

Fabulous, divine, very rich, strong, full, very well balanced sweetness and acidity. Very romantic — 6 months ago

Vignerons d'Uni-Médoc

Cru Bourgeois Château Clément Saint-Jean Médoc Red Bordeaux Blend 2012

Earthy, leather, bright raspberry with medium tannins. Very well balanced red. Can taste the oak a bit gives a bourbon carmelized taste — 4 years ago

Sara Davenport
with Sara

Vignerons d'Uni-Médoc

Le Grand Art Médoc Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 2010

Dry but fruitful. Like it. Bought at Vinos Yamazaki. — 6 years ago

Vignerons d'Uni-Médoc

Château Clément Saint-Jean Médoc 2011

Very good!!! Will be buying a case. — 6 years ago