Torræ Del Sale

Bieler Family

Born to Run Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

Sendik’s $6.99 when on sale — 5 days ago

Stonestreet Estate Vineyards

Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

Perry had the 2016 vintage with a bacon wrapped sirloin steak. It opened up nicely when we gave it an hour to breathe. Special sale price of $15.99 at Morelli’s! — 4 hours ago

Buena Vista Winery

Chateau Buena Vista Carneros Chardonnay 2019

Very light tropical wine with a dry finish. Has a sweet pineapple flavor with a creamy aftertaste. Seems low in acid. Would definitely buy again when on sale at Costco for under 20. — 8 months ago

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North Coast Wine Company

OuterBound Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

HWT - what a wonderful cab, smooth, jammy and delicious! $45 so would get if on sale — 3 days ago


Col di Sasso Toscana Sangiovese Cabernet Sauvignon 2020

Had at Milestones 2022. Bought at Riverview store on sale for $15. Regular 17 — a month ago


California Cabernet Sauvignon 2019

One of my favourite Reds on rotation. Pairs well with most weeknight dinners and is usually on sale at Whole Foods wine — 7 months ago

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Orin Swift

Slander California Pinot Noir 2018

On sale from $50 to $40. High abv and initially comes in hot (as expected) but with about a hour after opening it began to settle down. Cranberry, strawberry, mushrooms, and a slight Smokey note. I like it but at this price point, it is probably a pass for me. — 8 months ago

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Grant Burge

Miamba Barossa Shiraz 2020

Well balanced Shiraz. Grab it if it’s on sale. — 10 days ago

Lapis Luna

North Coast Sauvignon Blanc

Really enjoyed this one. Lightly sweet and delicate. Tropical and floral and just lovely to drink. Bought it because I loved the label and was thrilled it was tasty! Will try to find it again but was bought through a wine sale so not sure that will happen. Would definitely buy again. — 3 months ago

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St. Francis Winery

Sonoma County "Old Vines" Zinfandel 2015

$19 on sale for $13, 15.2 we really liked it just as much as earthquake but it’s a bit more food friendly. Going back to get a case — 8 months ago

Heather Robinson

Heather Robinson

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