Terada Honke

Tatsuuma-Honke Brewing Co.

Hakushika Sennenju Junmai Daiginjo

Ratings must be on something because I loved the overall elegance of this sake.

The bottle adds some heft, all blacked out, it’s fun to look at.

A savory almost lychee like quality, it’s got some real character and breadth.

— 5 months ago

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Terada Honke

Katori 90 Nama Genshu Sake

Wow. Viscous, earthy, acidic, a little boozy. Really good stuff. — 2 years ago

Terada Honke

Gonin Musume Junmai Ginjo Sake 2019

Sake it to me baby - celebrating the new digs with some JG! — 3 years ago

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Yamamoto Honke

Mizu No Shirabe Sound Of Water Ginjo Sake

Peaches, grapes and persimmons with a finish of melon. Had with sweet and sour chicken. — 7 months ago

with DrM

Iinuma Honke

Yuagari Yuzushu

Excellent mixer with Japanese whiskey — 2 years ago

Terada Honke

Katori 80 Nama Genshu Sake

Very smooth and silky. A bouquet of the barest hint of soft flowers coupled with umami opened up into a velvety luxuriousness. — 3 years ago

Terada Honke

Daigo No Shizuku

Most interesting thing I drank in a while — a year ago

Terada Honke

Natural wine five girls (pure rice) Sake

Clean, viscous, melon apple sweet, no burn — a year ago

Tatsuuma-Honke Brewing Co.

Extra Dry Sake

Crisp, light, smooth and dry. Dangerous because it goes down very easy. — 2 years ago


Musuhi (Musubi) Brown Rice Sake

Strong lactic acid, heavy grain flavor, salty and delicious cold — 3 years ago