Shimizu No Mai


Pure Dusk Junmai Daiginjo Sake

Nice mild mineral sweetness. Not super floral or sweet. Maybe a touch of jasmine. — 6 months ago

Shimizu No Mai

Pure Junmai Sake

Poolside Castleton Lyons Poo w Muggins and Lana Claire Hunter — 6 years ago


Pure Snow Junmai Nigori Sake

Crisp clean unfiltered sake. Mango banana nose with smooth clean creamy feel . I like. — 7 years ago

Miguel Torres S.A.

Waltraud Penedès Riesling 2018

Un vi delicat, intens, molt aromàtic. Sec.
Molt recomanable. La bodega Torres no decepciona mai!
— 4 years ago

Casa Auvinyà

Evolució Principat d'Andorra Pinot Noir 2013

no haviem provat mai un vi d'Andorra i ens ha sorprès. — 7 years ago

Mas de l'Escarida

La Mai Polida Viognier

Funky, touch of sweetness, pear, apricot, restrained alcohol for Viognier, cloudy, lengthy, touch of oxidation, no sulphur - goes down way too easily. Delicious, interesting 🍇👌 — 7 years ago


Pure Dusk Junmai Ginjo Sake

Very good value at hidden fish. — 5 years ago

Chris and Muralee liked this

Jacquesson & Fils

Cuvée No. 740 Extra Brut Champagne Blend

Dosage 1,5 gr dégorge Mai 2017
— 5 years ago

Mai et Kenji Hodgson

Les Aussigouins Chenin Blanc

I've enjoyed at Sel Rrose many times but we no longer carry it. I found it at Discovery Wines though and I will be back to grab it soon! Ultimate food wine. My fave Chenin Blanc out there! — 7 years ago