Rex Goliath

Rex Hill Vineyards

Alloro Vineyard Pinot Noir

Got on our visit to OR, drank at Kiawah — 2 months ago

Perdeberg Winery

Rex Equus Red Blend 2014

Just starting to feel age. Iron, venison, loganberry. Seems dense up front, but thins out to clay and tea, leaving you noting it’s acidity. — 3 months ago

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Daryl Rex Groom

Barossa Valley Zinfandel Shiraz 2015

Nice Pinot. Kind of smooth, kind of dry. Not too fruity — 6 months ago

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Rex Hill Vineyards

Old School Vineyard Pinot Noir 2016

Very tasty, big nose, big fruit forward flavor, very juicy and great low cost Pinot. — 7 months ago

Rex Mundi (Virgin Wines)

Cuvée Cathare Liberez la Bete Pays d'Oc Red Rhone Blend 2018

Spice, dark red fruit, blackberry, black cherry and plum, smooth — 5 months ago

Rex Vinorum

Édes Szamorodni Dessewffy Kastély Tokaji Tokay 2017

Vintage 2017 | made from grapes without selection of botrytrised grapes. Two years barrel aging. Nice balance. Wagon loads of apricots, smell and taste. Nice bottle. — 4 months ago

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Toppling Goliath Brewing Company

Pompeii India Pale Ale

Cloudy and agitated, this teems with roiling bubbles and sediments pushing a tooth white cap to thick mountainous lava lines of lacing. Grapefruit skin, orange peel, lemon rind and clementine sections greet the memory sensor. Pink grapefruit pith, lemongrass, daisy petals and green strawberries with a whiff of caper. White grapefruit pulp, lemon-lime, mineral salt, oregano, grapefruit pith, lime oil, and iron-chalk tastes create a real depth, while keeping it surprisingly clean and light. Imagine soursop that has been dried and rehydrated by lemon, then canned, dried again, powdered and rehydrated with mineral water. Now add just the perfect malt to balance it. Two clicks above mortal, one short of divine. .
#topplinggoliathbrewingco #topplinggoliath #topplinggoliathpompeii #pompeii #ipa #indiapaleale #ale #beer #bier #biere #birra #cerveza #cerveja #iabeer #tgbrewing
— 6 months ago

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Rex Hill Vineyards

Willamette Valley Pinot Noir 2017

Smooth gentle tannins. Bought in Bigfork, MT July 2020
Darrell Zsofi
— 2 months ago

Samuel Adams (The Boston Beer Company)

New England IPA

Tang-sequel coloration with perfect equilibrium and crown persistence. Wig white, even dissipation reminiscent of fine cigar burn. Striating lacing of cartoon chompers and snowy tangle of wildwood. Pleasant malty and citrus interplay punctuated by oranges and pink grapefruit wild strawberry tart with caramel and sweet tobacco and Turkish coffee from a distance. Paisley lacing ensues. Lemon oils and candied grapefruit peel frame a tangerine occurrence and sparkly mineral stardusting, and a textural approximation of peaches that adds pliancy. After the initial fruit, and subsequent sips your mouth builds up the bitter units to tangible topography that lingers. Overall, a well crafted and thoughtfully restrained offering from an iconic producer. You can sense that they wanted to get this one right. Lacing remnants: gothic text with horror overtones on one side, middle command graphics, and a t-Rex-alligator-puma logo for your new pumped up kicks. .
#SamAdams #SamuelAdamsnewenglandipa #bostonbeercompany #NEbeer #MAbeer #hazy #juicy #hazyandjuicy #independentamericancraft #newenglandipa #neipa #ipa #indiapaleale #beer #bier #biere #birra #cerveza #cerveja
— 5 months ago

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Bela Rex Burgenland Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 2016

Full bodied , cherry chocolate notes. Easy drink . We had at dinner at the Lorunser — 7 months ago

Diana Cohen

Diana Cohen

Red wine