Rdv Vineyards

RdV Vineyards

Friends and Family Red Blend 2017

Somm recommendation. Well balanced but pronounced acidity and fruit. Somm thinks of it as the best VA wine, and I’m inclined to agree. — 2 months ago

Vicki Sliwa
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RdV Vineyards

Red Bordeaux Blend 2018

Berry notes nicely balanced wine that really opens up when decanted and isn’t too heavy or too light — 5 months ago

Dom Pérignon

Brut Champagne Blend 2009

A special start to our day at RDV. Subtle effervescence, lemon, raspberry, a touch of something sweet and an herbal tea. A great bottle! — 9 months ago

RdV Vineyards

Lost Mountain Red Bordeaux Blend 2013

Powerful yet elegant - a real tour de force! Concentration yet pristine in texture. Completely conquered flame grilled bison ribeye and bone-in beef ribeyes. This may be one of top 3 vintage wines ever made in modern Virginia! 100% complete (4 more bottles to evaluate over the next 15yrs). PS: Janice gave this an 18 ;) — 3 months ago

RdV Vineyards

Rendezvous Red Bordeaux Blend 2009

Concentration!! The maturity and depth of fruit is sooo beautiful!! Hugely rich and refined..:a little short on integrated tannins (aging), but unmistakablely special:) — 6 months ago

Pollak Vineyards

Estate Grown Cabernet Sauvignon

Vanilla and cherry nose. Great light tannin finish. Best cab in VA besides RdV. — 9 months ago

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Granite Heights Winery

Humility Merlot Blend 2010

So hard to believe that this was built on two year leaf grapes. Talk about a great rookie season! Mostly cab sauv , this did indeed punch far beyond it’s expected weight class. Complex yet fairly linear and sequential, this has the dna of the championship level big boy (glen manor/rdv/linden). While only a 375 mL bottle, it had aged remarkably well and would be worth another library investment if available ;) — a year ago

J-M Seleque

Solessence 7 Villages Champagne Blend

Originally had at RDV. Delicious and great value for $50ish — 9 months ago

RdV Vineyards

Flying Cloud Middleburg Merlot 2017

@Delectable this is the RdV Flying Cloud Merlot — a year ago

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