Rdv Vineyards

RdV Vineyards

Rendezvous Red Bordeaux Blend 2016

Nok lidt vel meget træ, men god frugt og fine noter af homidor, svampe, lidt hest og skovbund — 5 months ago

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Paolo Bea

Rosso de Véo Umbria Rosso Sagrantino 2010

Bottle No. 3835. Slow ox'd for two hours prior to dinner. On the nose, this was mind-blowing. Our guest was head over heals with the smell alone. Aromas of dark cherries, high quality agarwood (oud), spices, and dusty underbrush. I can't ever recall smelling oud in a wine before. Simply stunning. Flavors of dark cherries, baking spices tomatillo and balsamic. Long finish. There's more buried in there but I was hosting dinner and wasn't afforded the time and focus necessary to unpack everything that was going on in the glass. Rest assured, this wine is not messing around and it's a very good "baby" Pagliaro. The major difference between the two is the RdV lacks Pagliaro's massive structure. The RdV is more approachable at this stage with softer tannins and the sensation of slightly less acidity. These are great to have while you let your bottles of Pagliaro to mature. Drink now with a short decant but should hold well over the next 5-10 years if well stored. — 4 years ago


Brut Monticello Chardonnay 2015

Virginia sparkling ... thank you for the bottle RDV ! — 5 years ago

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Guy Fiore

Guy Fiore

That servers voice tho....

RdV Vineyards

Flying Cloud Middleburg Merlot 2017

@Delectable this is the RdV Flying Cloud Merlot — 2 years ago

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RdV Vineyards

Virginia Red Blend 2015

Delicious, but only available to subscribers! (This is the back label btw). — 4 years ago

Delaplane Cellars

Springlot Cabernet Sauvignon Blend 2014

This is as classically Virginia as it gets: a Cab Franc-heavy Bordeaux blend that has a combination of moderate-and-definitely-not-California ripeness, a somewhat austere palate and certain lightness, but a Bordelaise nose. Made with a moderate Oak treatment and care taken not to overextract, it will never reach the level of concentration and age ability of higher end Bdx, still it has wonderful aromatics (strawberry, plum, cassis, earth, leather, stone) with ample acidity and a nice, if not long, finish.
These are never cheap, but it ain't easy to grow grapes in Virginia either. Delaplane is a surprisingly good winery, a few miles from the beautifully classic Linden, without the pretentious nature of RdV and more consistent than Glen Manor. Their dry Vidal Blanc was great and right up a wine geek's alley...
— 5 years ago

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Jefferson Vineyards

Monticello Estate Reserve Red Blend 2010

67% CF 33% PV: 34months in French!! Only 105 cases. One of the longest, most flavorful & vibrant finishes ever in a mid-Atlantic build. Ohh, the body was plush velvet with precise fruit notes. Compares to RdV...it was all that. One more bottle on hand. — 3 years ago

RdV Vineyards

Exsurgo Cabernet Sauvignon Blend 2012

Big and chewy. Deep wine with strong fruit. Could use more aging. But shocking that it is from VA. I would have guessed a California Syrah or even a Malbec viviendo it’s huge profile. Yummy — 5 years ago

RdV Vineyards

Cuvée José Red Blend 2010

$72.00. Drank at Fish by Jose Andres. Very close in finish and tannins as Rendevous. — 5 years ago

Hospices de Beaune

Cuvée Albert Grivault Meursault-Charmes 1er Cru Chardonnay 2012

Wound a little tight, but delicious. Marc Morey pour RdV #thanksgiving — 7 years ago

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