Pianeta E Societa

Tolaini Societa Agricola

Legit Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

On the nose, this is blackberry bush at the peak of summer... On the palate, those blackberries are there with a big bucket worth of fresh-picked raspberries... The bramble's present on the palate too, but the wine doesn't present as under-ripe at all. While probably best described as medium bodied, the freshness of the fruit is what's dominant here... Licorice all-sorts are a playful bonus... Medium acidity here which tied together our roast pork dinner with lardons... The finish is medium and memories of raspberry... A great Sunday dinner wine... Love it. — 7 months ago

Anita Beishuizen
with Anita

Folicello Societa Agricola

Lorenzo Primo Rosé Sparkling Brut 2019

Wonderfully refreshing sparkling porch pounder for those 100 degree days! Wild yeast fermentation gives it a bit of enjoyable funkiness! — 3 years ago

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Pianeta Organico

Organic Delle Venezie Pinot Grigio

Very fruity, strong smell of apples. Very smooth and refreshing — 3 years ago

Villa Santo Stefano Societa Agricola srl

Sereno Colline Lucchesi Rosso Sangiovese Blend 2018

Excellent Chianti not from Chianti region. Earthy leather cherry and cranberry — 2 years ago

Societa Agricola Il Sasso

Valpolicella Classico Superiore Corvina Blend 2018

Solid, juicy, fresh. Great for arrabiata. — 2 years ago

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Societa Agricola Auriel

Barbera del Monferrato Superiore


Lovely, ruby red fruity — 2 years ago

Societa Agricola Auriel

Grignolino del Monferrato Casalese Grignolino 2017

2020 spring / summer. Loose-knit, with earth and crunchy red fruit — 3 years ago

Pianeta Organico

Extra Dry Organic Prosecco

Drank at lunchtime Daniel's birthday. Crisp, fresh and dry. Easy to drink. Would benefit from a bit more floral notes — 3 years ago