Melvin Brewing Company

Melvin Brewing Company

Cloudy 5000 Hazy IPA

Melvin cloudy 5000. Interestingly not as citrusy as I was expecting for a hazy. Still great ipa from Melvin with the mouth coating resin. I hope try this fresher. — a year ago

Melvin Brewing Company

Hubert MPA

Really great beer. Huge funk and dank. — 4 years ago

Melvin Brewing/TGR Pilsnar


One of the best tasting Pilsners I’ve ever come across in the US. Simply a perfect beer. — 2 years ago

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Melvin Brewing Company

Melvin 2x4 DIPA

9.9% abv - yum — 3 years ago

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Silver Oak

Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2010

Had this bottle signed by the Oakland Athletics Manager Bob Melvin, thought I would drink it while watching the game! Silver Oak and baseball great pairing. — 5 years ago

Melvin Brewing

Your IPA

Very nice, dank, reasonably priced. Fits the style of ipa from Melvin but not my favorite. I think it’s worth seeking out if you like their other beers. — 2 years ago

Melvin Brewing Company

Melvin IPA

Lime & grapefruit explosion, pairs well with freshly burned smores! — 3 years ago

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