Moscatel Dessert Wine

Massandra Black Muscatel - 2015
Dried plums, long aftertaste, delicate and sweet in the good sense.
— 4 years ago


Bastardo 2009

Excellent! — 6 years ago


South Coast Rosé Muscat 1936

Wow. What a thrilling nose and perfectly integrated palette. It's from 1936 so I'm just grateful to have enjoyed a glass — 7 years ago

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Bill Bender

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Oh my god, you're like totally in the Valley!! I've been there. Do they have a '35? My Dad's 80th is this year.....
Matthew Beckman

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They just might. Worth calling them...I'll give you their info
Steve Anderson

Steve Anderson

Wish the 1937 Massandra Madeira had shown that well when we had it with family last month, but it was still an interesting and unique treat.

Sun Valley (Solnechnaya Dolina)

Crimean White Port Rkatsiteli 2010

2010. Reminded of some great Portuguese portos! Way better than Massandra! — 4 years ago

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Massandra Aliatico. Интересный вкус, как будто полусухое, мягкий. Приятный аромат. — 6 years ago


Madeira White Blend 1937

Not my Dad's birth year, but as close as I could find for his 83rd. Mid-shoulder fill, completely soaked cork. Room-filling nose of raisin and toffee. The fortifying spirit is probably the dominant remaining component, but fairly smooth and liqueur-like,. Some raisin, butterscotch and coffee on the palate. A bit of bitterness on the finish and a slight burn going down. Seemed stronger than the 19.1 ABV. Still fun to share this though. — 7 years ago

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scott watkins

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I could only hope my daughters will treat me this well. You're a good son!


Surozh Port White Blend

Gurzuf white port!-2016- Kokur, Aligote, Rkatziteli
The best porto from Massandra for me so far, rose in color, sweet flowers in nose, delicate long finish in taste.
— 4 years ago


Oreanda Dry Sherry 2015

Massandra Dry Sherry Oreanda — 6 years ago

with Maria



За цену в 385₽ мы получаем:
Красное сухое столовое вино из сортов Каберне-Совиньон. Хорошие "арки", аромат резковат. Вкусу разве что не хватает немного легкости и сладости. Послевкусие долгое, приятное. Достаточно терпкое, для меня это огромный +.
— 7 years ago


South Coast Massandra Pinot Gris

16/20 (89/100) — 7 years ago

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Denis Roudenko

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Massandra - Pinot Gris South Coast
Denis Roudenko

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It is not just "Massndra Pinot Gris" but "Pinot Gris South Coast"