Lillian Et Sophie Bauchet

Lilian & Sophie Bauchet

L'Herbe Folle Gamay

This is wild. A non-vintage solera drawing on Gamay from 2015-2018. Pours a bruised brown purple, showing its age.

Raging volatile acid wears off eventually. Enough to offend some but I like VA in a good place - sour and perfumed, not yet vinegar.

Murky sour plums and wild blackberries and nail varnish. Flavor bomb - concentrated and deep blackberry plum compote. Soft like dark chocolate pudding.
— 6 days ago

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Ken Wisnieski

Ken Wisnieski

hi elycohn ᴡᴡᴡ

Lilian & Sophie Bauchet

Californie Vin de France Red Blend 2013

Really like the wine. Nice minerality and fruit. A bit funky. Fun and enjoyable. — 4 years ago

Lilian & Sophie Bauchet

Amor Fati Beaujolais Gamay

From magnum. A blend of the 2014 and 2015 vintages. Rich but balanced. Quite enjoyable. — a month ago

Lilian & Sophie Bauchet

No Sulfite No Cry Gamay

Drowning our sorrows in this delicious wine. — 4 years ago

Lilian et Sophie Bauchet

Dazibao Vin de France Gamay

Tastes like Dr Pepper and smells like big red — 10 months ago

Lillian et Sophie Bauchet

Dazibao Fleurie Gamay

Clean and on point. No sulfites. Just the fruit. And the fruit is so so good. — 3 years ago