Château Mercian

Gris de Gris Koshu 2017

Thank god, success for koshu. Amber, peach, geraniums, and the usual citrus nose. This really makes up for the lack of depth and body in non mac koshu. It's still a light wine but there's an evolution from orange peel, peach, and softer floral flavours into a more chalky citrus finish. Its pretty awesome. We'll done mercian. — 3 months ago

Sunset Meadow Vineyards

Western Connecticut Highlands Cayuga White 2019

Clear pale white yellow. Purchased at the winery in Connecticut. Seemed to be a popular local tasting site. Young wine, but immediately reminded me of the Koshu wine we used to drink every night at Kofu Copier factory training! Citrus sour and easy to drink. — 8 months ago

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Katsunuma Jyozo

Aruga Branca 2015

— 2 years ago

Kyodo-do - Kyoeido


Kobayashi san is the master of skin contact koshu. Nashi, ringo, hint of miso umami. crunchy, textured, goodness. — 4 months ago

with Kn
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Coco Farm & Winery

Koshu F.O.S. 2018


Fermented on Skins. 紅茶のような色合い、アプリコットの香り。熟したかりん、干し柿のような渋みと旨味があるが、オレンジ系の爽やかさもある@長谷川酒店3,300 incl tax — 6 months ago


Koshu 2017

Niente male dal 🇯🇵 — 2 years ago

Adega Vinicola d'Aruga

Aruga Clan Tinto Katsunuma Red Blend

We had the koshu white and this red. Both were light and delicious! — 2 years ago


Orangé Pétillant Koshu

まったく甘くない。とっても私好み。色がオレンジで驚くが、甲州ぶどう100%。 — 4 months ago

Manns Wines

Méthode Charmat Sec Koshu

Found another lovely Japanese Sparkling ~ — 5 months ago

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Array Cellars

Columbia Valley Chardonnay 2012

remind of muscadet or lees-aged koshu (it is sur-lie; koshu is Japanese grape) or like a really solid pinot grigio. but enjoyable in its delicacy. I had read it was "like Oregon Cali" chard - so a less fruit butteroak thing - so was impressed with its subtlety
Day2 melded new world flavors and hit all my style points. It aged 4years overnight in a good way! Jumped from 9.1 to 9.5! Yay auction gems. Looking for more
— a year ago