Hudson River, New York

Cascade Mountain Vineyards

Heavenly Daze Red Blend

This is an AMAZING dessert wine. It's fruity and citrusy and sweet (but not sticky sweet), and it has a nice undertone of vanilla that comes through. — 2 months ago

Fjord Vineyards

Hudson River Region Cabernet Franc 2017

Black fruits, Fresh cherries, medium to higher tannin, nice finish, round, dry Cabernet Franc. — 2 months ago

Wild Arc Farm

Bi Sekt Riesling Traminette 2018

Excellent magnum, fun to share! Good amount of barnyard and acrid, cat piss nose balanced out with a soft bubble and medium acidity. A little tight. A close, sparkling cousin to their Luca (Traminette). — 2 months ago

Josh Smith
with Josh

Millbrook Winery (New York, USA)

New Yort State Chardonnay 2019

The 2019 vintage is perfection! It's partially oaked, so you get that buttery warmth, but it has the refreshing edge from the stainless steel. — 2 months ago

Fjord Vineyards

Hudson River Region Albariño 2017

High acidity, crisp finish, slight floral on the nose. One of my top favorite Albariños. — 2 months ago

Millbrook Winery (Australia)

Lollipop Hill Estate Tocai Friulano 2019

Similar to their standard Friulano, but slightly sweeter and more refined. Better at a warmer temperature. House white for this Spring. — 3 months ago


Eastside Russian River Valley Chardonnay 2017

Shay A

One of the birthday bottles I opened for my 33rd. Aubert chardonnays, for me, are the total package. Aside from Marcassin (and even then, it’s not fair because the 2013 hasn’t been officially released yet), there is no other new world producer of Chardonnay I’d rather have. I opened this Eastside because it was in the home cellar and I didn’t feel like traveling to storage...good and bad scenario!

Opening their single vineyard chards this young (aside from Hudson), is normally a crime, but I read a lot of reviews of how good this was young and WOW are they right. Aromatically it sports Aubert’s signature lemon cream, ginger, honey roasted cashews and a slight reductive note. The palate shows plenty of lemon cream, marzipan, smoked lemon, and stone fruit like guava...what makes this a standout (like other Aubert chards), is the acidity and structure. Normally this would make a chard flabby or over the top, but it wears this profile so well. I could have polished this off with a straw.

My almost two-year old’s card in the background. 👌🏼
— 2 months ago

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Hugh O'Riordan

Hugh O'Riordan

33b day! I’ll give you the advice my father gave me over 50 years ago . We were drinking wine and he told me “ just remember I’m enjoying this wine as much as you. “
Bryan Kesting

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@Shay A: Great wine, Shay!
Shay A

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Thanks everyone!

Wild Arc Farm

Piquette! Chardonnay

Low alcohol sparkling wine, cider-esque — 2 months ago

Château Barouillet

Bergerac Blanc Sec Sauvignon Blanc Blend 2019

Natural Southwest French white blend for under 15$-Sauvignon Blanc, Sauvignon Gris, semillion & Chenin Blanc. I don’t like Alsatian blends but this I do: like a rich Muscadet. Floral but not heavy on the Sauvignon Blanc, balanced. Celebration of lifting of Covid restrictions in New York State, with friends on the Hudson — 8 days ago

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Peter van den Besselaar

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Off course 😆👌
Josh Morgenthau

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Great sleuthing!
Peter Sultan

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Now that I’ve recently been anointed a wine pro by Delectable, I have standards to uphold! @Josh Morgenthau @Peter van den Besselaar


Ashmead's Kernel Cider

My man. Always linear and focused. Don’t care for cider too much but this is why you should care about still ciders. And our still ciders — a year ago

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